The U.S. 2012 Presidential Election Campaign Has Started

Kan Ito

Kan Ito (1953 – ), international political and financial analyst, is a graduate of the Faculty of Economics, the University of Tokyo, Japan. After studying the history of politics and international relations at Cornell University, he started working for a business consulting company in Washington, USA.

*”China’s nuclear capability dominates the world”, PHP Institute, February 2006
*”Legalize the autonomous national defense system immediately!” (written jointly with Kimindo Kusaka), Rihakusha, April 2011

Does Obama stand by the rich?

I will start with the topics of President Obama. He has informed the public of his being an idealistic politician for a long time, but in fact, he is obviously a pragmatic politician who always works calculating the political benefits. The American people began to notice that.

Although he pretends to be liberal and stand by the weak, he is actually very close to the financial business circles, and always attentive to the investment banks and the hedge funds. To be frank, he stands by the rich and protects the vested interests of the financial business circles with convenient policies for them. It is evident from the fact that the total profits of the hedge funds last year were more than those in the era of the George W.Bush Government, which caused the financial bubble.

In the U.S., there is a strong private investment institution, called the Private Equity Fund, and seventy percent of the political donations from the Fund and the hedge funds flow to the Democratic Party. The imprinted image, “The Republican Party stands for the rich” is actually different from the truth.

After all, Obama is not an idealistic man. Speaking favorably, he is a cool pragmatist, but speaking unfavorably, he is a cold-hearted, calculating self-serving politician. However, people could not see him for what he is, as he was able to cast a spell with his adroit presentations.

Obama has two important affairs. One is the maximization of self-interest, and another is the cost-benefit analysis. He always calculates costs and benefits for himself and acts cleverly.

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The U.S. 2012 Presidential Election Campaign Has Started
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