Li Keqiang, the Next Premier of China, and his Strategy for Supremacy
“A revealing interview with the next Chinese premier Li Keqiang”


If Shintaro Ishihara comes to Senkaku, China will bring him down

──What does China think of the South Korean president landing on Takeshima?

Li’s G.S. We supported it. The Russian president went to the northern territories, and the South Korean president went to Takeshima. China will go to Senkaku. They will go.

──What will happen if Japan’s prime minister goes to Senkaku?

Li’s G.S. He can’t go. That wimp. He only says, “It’s regrettable.”

──What would happen if Shintaro Ishihara were to go?

Li’s G.S. If he comes by helicopter, we’ll shoot him down. If he comes by boat, we’ll sink it. If arrives by submarine, there will be no knowing what will happen. That’s why North Korea is there.

It’s “possible” that North Korea will conquer South Korea

──What will happen if North Korea and South Korea merge?

Li’s G.S. Merging is not likely at this time, but a conquest is. If China advances southward, North Korea can conquer the south. Couldn’t the fact that they are promoting the withdrawal of U.S. forces stationed in South Korea, and the removal of the U.S. military in Okinawa, be seen as steps towards this?

──Is that what China is doing?

Li’s G.S. Well, avoiding America as much as possible is its basic national strategy.

──And what about North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un?

Li’s G.S. He’s nothing but a mere decoration. Everyone knows he is Mister Stupid. He will do just as the Chinese military says.

──After that, what directions will be given to North Korea? “Fire a missile at Japan” or something?

Li’s G.S. “Firing” could happen at any time, but it must be effective. For example. when the Japanese general election is underway, or when the South Korean president takes over, or when America is distracted during the holiday, it could happen. If Shintaro Ishihara lands, something will be fired at the Senkaku Islands.


China’s basic strategy is to form a U.S.-Chinese alliance and remove Japan

──What will happen to its relationship with the U.S.?

Li’s G.S. The basic strategy is to form an alliance between the U.S. and China, and to sideline Japan. It is possible if the America leader whose hopes are to avoid a war with China, appears to expand the scale of the economy and want to turn the economy around.

──What will be the global strategy if Li Keqiang becomes president?
I think that Japan and Russia will have to be pinned under China. China will form an alliance with America for a while, but once Chinese power exceeds theirs, it will be China that becomes the “world’s police.”

Xi Jinping is trying to fight with the strategy of a powerful person that can clash with the Americans, but until a clear reversal can be seen, I would like to avoid a war with America.
I do, however, want to colonize Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand. I would like to have Africa to South America come under China’s dominion with the hopes of America returning to isolationist policy.


We will fire nuclear missiles that will be aimed at Japan from three places

──When Master Okawa saw the Gobi Desert by using his remote viewing ability this July, he discovered a very large number of nuclear missiles buried in the ground (*2). Is this true?

Li’s G.S. Yes. The missiles, aimed at Japan, will be fired not only from the Gobi Desert, but also from the coast, and the Shenyang Military Region. If Japan gets smart with us, we’ll fire. We have no intention of destroying it all, though.


I would like to catch up economically to America by 2020

──Are you thinking of making China a capitalist country?

Li’s G.S. The principle of capitalist competition itself cannot be dismissed, but if we become a capitalist country, it will create a gap between the rich and poor, and a disparity in influence. If all of China’s 1.3 billion people begin to act in a selfish manner, it will be very difficult to handle.

Xi Jinping basically doesn’t understand economics, so I will look after the economy.

I’d like to catch up economically to America by 2020, if possible, or 2030, at the latest. China will be internationally competitive, and sell Chinese products all over the world. I will change the factories that are currently subcontractors for Japan into core businesses for China. That’s why tourists are going to Japan and are absorbed in checking the level of Japan’s technology and products.

(*2) See the article on our Website: Remote Viewing China’s Secret Missile Bases and The Discovery Of A Base for Extraterrestrial Interchanges. Read this article>>
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Li Keqiang, the Next Premier of China, and his Strategy for Supremacy
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