Master Ryuho Okawa Seriously Rebukes the Chinese, South Korean, and Japanese Politicians:
Master Okawa’s take on the Senkaku, Takeshima, and Sakhaline islands issue

Ryuho Okawa, founder and master of the Happy Science Group, delivered a lecture titled “The power of religion to defend a nation” at the Happy Science temple named Fukuoka Shoshinkan in Fukuoka city on September 2, 2012.

Master Okawa thundered at the succession of territorial disputes over Takeshima, Senkaku and the four disputed islands that have been becoming more complex, and he criticized the unjust behavior of China, South Korea, and Russia as well as the Japanese government’s weak-kneed diplomacy.

This lecture was broadcast by satellite to 3000 locations nationwide, and Happy Science branches and temples will continue to present it in the future. This is a report on the content of this lecture.

1. The prediction in the movie “Final Judgement” has come true

At the beginning of the lecture, Master Ryuho Okawa said that they recorded a surge of spiritual messages throughout August. Referring to the purpose of publishing them as books in quick succession throughout September, Master Okawa said the August topics related to the Takeshima and Senkaku Islands issue.

The issue over these territories was immediately followed phrases that Master Okawa placed a heavy emphasis on such as the “occupation of Japan” and the “recapture of Japan” which were important themes in the movie “Final Judgement” in June. He underscored anew that the issue, which the movie predicted, has already materialized and flared up in this period just before the second movie “The Law of Mystery” that will be released in October..

Initially remarking that he would deliver the lecture in an easy-to-understand way because the people of Kyushu would not understand if it was too abstract, the anger of the world’s teacher toward modern Japan’s cowardice erupted like magma.


2. Why doesn’t the mass media mention that Ito Hirobumi was assassinated before the merger with South Korea?

First, the South Korea president Lee Myung-bak landed on Takeshima on August 10th, personally signed a document that said it was Korean territory, had lunch, and then returned. The Japanese government repeatedly described this performance as “regrettable”, took up the issue of the prime minister’s personal letter, and reported that they would return it.

Master Okawa completely wrote off the Japanese government’s response, saying, “It is disgraceful diplomacy. The Japanese are either very patient or enjoy being trampled upon. We must stop acting in this way! The Japanese people are completely being taken for granted!”

Master then systematically explained that Takeshima has been historically considered an inherent part of Japan, taking up the fact that, for one thing, which the newspapers and mass media do not talk about, a Korean assassinated Japan’s first prime minister, Ito Hirobumi, prior to the 1910 merger of Japan and South Korea. He denounced the attitude of the mass media, saying, “The media won’t even mention a line about this. I feel angry about this.” Master Okawa continued, “For example, if the American president were assassinated, every country would mobilize right now.”

Further, in terms of topography, there is a deep 3000-meter ocean trench between Takeshima and the South Korean territory Ulleungdo, which separates Japan and South Korea. In documents from the Edo period, Ulleungdo was mistakenly written as “Takeshima”, giving rise to the confusion, but it was already a Japanese territory in the Edo period. Master Okawa pointed out that successive South Korean politicians have not been honestly teaching their citizens things such as the fact that even when Japan lost in the Second World War, Takeshima was not included in the list of abandonment territories, and Takeshima was understood to be Japanese property.

After citing this evidence, Master fiercely questioned the soft stance of the Japanese government, saying, “It is unacceptable that South Korea does not accept Japan’s wish to take the case to an international court because of the South Korean government’s wish to avoid the trouble it will be in when the court rules that Takeshima is Japanese territory based on the evidence. The government must get angry over South Korea’s actions for the sake of their national pride.”


3. It is pathetic that China said Senkaku was its territory after it was found to have natural resources

Master Okawa then took up the issue of Okinawa and the Senkaku Islands. The dispute over the issue of these being Chinese territory has existed since 1970, and Master explained that up until then “China never complained about it being Japanese territory. In 1968, it was discovered that there were offshore oil fields around it. Only then was it said that the islands were Chinese territory. It really is despicable.”

Master Okawa showed a tough stance towards China’s unlawfulness. Master stated that it wasn’t only the Senkaku Islands, China also said that the Ryukyu Islands belonged to it. China will soon probably say that the Japanese archipelago even belongs to them. An internal document apparently exists called ‘Creating the Far East Province’, but they say whatever they like.”


4. Sakhalin was originally Japanese territory

Further, Master also touched upon the issue of the four disputed islands. Mamiya Rinzo went to survey Sakhalin in the Edo period, and he called the strait between it and the mainland “Mamiya Strait”. “Russians didn’t even live there. It was a Japanese man who mapped it, and Sakhalin was part of Japan,” he asserted. Master Okawa pointed out that even before South Sakhalin was ceded to Japan in the Russo-Japanese War, it was Japanese territory.

Master strongly condemned the attitude of these neighboring countries, saying, “Russia and China have an overabundance of territory, so they must not come and take ours anymore. South Korea, too, must not come and take Takeshima, and should appropriately occupy North Korea. We’re being taken for granted.”


5. The Democratic Party of Japan administration is cunning and dishonest

Master Okawa has been making clear about a national defense crisis for the last three years. Looking back on his formation of the Happiness Realization Party, Master spoke emphatically. “Both the Democratic Party of Japan and the Liberal Democratic Party have treated national defense very lightly. The party that evaded the issue won, because they would have lost had they talked about diplomacy and national defense. The party that lied about not raising taxes further has not dissolved, and it has passed a range of bills. This is embarrassing. I call on the politicians to quit now.”

Master Okawa continued with harsh comments for the Democratic Party of Japan’s plans to stay in power regardless of how they appear to the public and their mistaken policies.

“I thought the consumption tax would have been the end of the administration, but it says it has to resolve some diplomatic issues this year. It is using the Great East Japan Earthquake as an excuse for a tax hike. It really is cunning. People really must live honest lives. It is important that the government consistently says what it should say, and it should take responsibility for what it doesn’t do, if it doesn’t do it.”


6. The mass media that has supported the Democratic Party of Japan should be given the chop

Reversing the direction of his stroke, Master Okawa fiercely questioned the stance of the mass media.

“The Democratic Party of Japan came into power, and the national crisis has since continued. The mass media also bears grave responsibility for not taking up what (the Happiness Realization Party) thought and said regarding the diplomatic issues that I foresaw would be the most important issues for the next administration. The mass media were complete idiots, because they didn’t understand that the diplomatic issues would become the next problems for Japan. If they knew this, and they still supported the Democratic Party of Japan, their status was beyond that of idiots. They should now be forced to take responsibility for their mistakes, and those media representatives should be crushed by the public.”

Master Okawa appealed to citizens to make the right choice in the election for the House of Representatives to be held this fall, saying, “Because politicians and the mass media think they’re smart, and think that the world will just move as they say, then the people have to get angry about this, if the people still believe that this is a democracy.


7. If Japan denuclearizes, then the price of power will increase. A tempest of bankruptcies will occur which will be also caused by tax hike.

“Perhaps becoming denuclearized or not will be the next major theme,” Master Okawa said, referring to the next national election.

Master Okawa criticized the force that considers nuclear energy a crime and doesn’t approve of its resumption, saying, “The mass media ran its antinuclear campaign for a year after the accident, but no one has actually died from the radiation from the nuclear accident. Many have, however, died from calls to save electricity.”

“If electrical power is lost, it will affect manufactured goods. In essesnce, the price of goods will naturally rise. Then if consumption tax is imposed on top of this, things won’t sell. Thus, to reduce expenses internally, we will start to see layoffs and the exploitation of subcontractors. There will be a lot of bankruptcies. I’m saying this now, but when they eventually understand this, the politicians won’t take responsibility.” Master Okawa continued his comments, again inquiring into the air of irresponsibility surrounding the Noda administration, which forced passage of the bills that hiked the consumption tax.


8. Why do China and South Korea bad-mouth Japan when it developed them in the “lost 20 years”?

Afterwards, Master Okawa launched into an inspection of Japan’s “lost 20 years” from a broad perspective.

“Japan’s 2011 GDP increased by just one trillion yen in the last twenty years since 1991. China’s GDP in 1991 was only one-eighth of Japan’s, but in 2011, it had already outpaced Japan, and it became the world’s second highest. China’s GDP grew eight-fold in the twenty years that Japan’s didn’t grow. If left alone, the GDP will naturally grow. But there is a group that stopped its growth.”

“In the meantime, Japan has become hollowed out. In the last twenty years, both China and South Korea have received the benefit of Japan, and they have developed. I want to tell them to express their gratitude to the fact that Japan and America moved their factories there, created employment, and made their countries wealthy. Japan went to the point where it stopped its own development. Japan worked for the development of their countries, so why must they bad-mouth Japan?”

Master Okawa then mentioned other topics. On the issue of comfort women, Master Okawa stated that prostitutes for the military did not exist. When both Japan and the Republic of Korea entered into the Treaty on Basic Relations, it was not even a problem at all. If this claim is permitted, then Japan should also make a compensatory claim to America for the Hiroshima and Nagasaki nuclear bombings. Yet, this act would undermine international relations.

In addition, seeing that America isn’t intervening, despite Syrian government forces repeatedly massacring it citizens, even if nations such as China, North Korea, and South Korea cause trouble with Japan, a high possibility exists that America will adopt the same attitude that it did with Syria.

Master Okawa then concluded, saying, “Japan’s Self-Defense Forces are stronger compared with the Chinese and South Korean armies, so long as they fight with conventional weapons. However, if the Minister of Defense and Prime Minister make wrong judgment calls, or are weak-kneed, they will gradually erode their power without being able to fight something that they can fight. If they are the type of politicians that stay silent in the event Ishigaki Islands or an Okinawa islands were taken, then they could bring about a disastrous situation. There must be people in power in the government who can reliably command and maneuver the country through this difficult situation.


Master Ryuho Okawa Seriously Rebukes the Chinese, South Korean, and Japanese Politicians:
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