Does Xi Jinping’s China Have a Future?
The Truth About the Anti-American and Anti-Japanese Demonstrations


In the Pacific, We Have Already Defeated the U.S.

── Can you outline a scenario in which China could take over the Japanese mainland?

Xi’s G.S. We don’t need a scenario. All we have to do is say “We have nuclear weapons that can destroy Japan completely in no more than 10 minutes.” That’s all. We have nuclear weapons, so if we made up our minds, we could take Okinawa and the Diaoyu Islands in one second. Really, Okinawa is already ours again, wagging its tail to welcome China, its new master.

──What are you going to do about the U.S. Military Bases in Okinawa?

Xi’s G.S. You say there are U.S. military bases, but really not many people live there anymore. The Japanese also hate the American soldiers, because they raped a Japanese girl, because they deployed Osprey, etc., etc. – it is the same with American military bases in the Philippines. They’re all going to be gone soon.

We already won our battle in the Pacific. I guess you didn’t notice when our war started last year. Both the U.S. and Japan have already been hit by Chinese cyber attacks and were unable to strike back. We already launched our preemptive attacks. From now on, we are going to use nothing but electronic warfare. Whoever can fight best on this level is going to win. That the Chinese are superior to Japan and the U.S. in the field of electronic warfare became clear last year. That means we have the power to deter an attack from the U.S. and Japan.

As only Japan and the U.S. have Aegis destroyers, they think they’re still superior in military terms, but looking at the way last year’s cyber attacks went, we know that we are now able to render their Aegis destroyers useless with a simple cyber attack. If you don’t understand what those event mean, you are really stupid.


The Global Race Will Be Over Within 20 Years

──I think if the situation with the anti-Japanese demos continues in China, the Chinese Communist Party is going to bear the brunt of it.

Xi’s G.S. That’s what TV Asahi says. I told you, we are pulling the strings. If we really get the Japanese to believe that anti-Japanese protests are rampant in China, the Japanese are going to hate China. Therefore, TV Asahi is saying “What the Chinese really want is to protest against their own government, but they are only pretending to be anti-Japanese patriots, so they don’t get put down by their government.”

──But the Chinese people are extremely unhappy with the Chinese Communist Party.

Xi’s G.S. Personally, I would like to end to the mainstream faction that succeeded Deng Xiaoping’s economic reform policy. So I will make use of these momentums to the fullest. This is how China can put our focus on the military. We will let our people live in poverty. Part of our population is 10 times as rich as the ordinary citizens, right? In the communist system, we cannot let the wealth gap get too big.

──So China is no longer striving for economic development?

Xi’s G.S. We are going to have so much, we don’t care. The wealthy in China are keeping all their money in Canada, ready to escape when they need to, so we cannot seize their funds. That’s why we need to bring Canada under our control, too. Maybe the U.S. will still put up a fight if we threaten to nuke them, but Canada would surrender immediately in the face of a nuclear threat. That’s why the global race will be over within 20 years.


Going to War – “We don’t care if 100 Million Chinese People Die”

──When talking to senior Communist party officials in February this year about uprisings and democratization, you told them to “use new social control mechanisms.” Did you mean that the movements should be suppressed?

Xi’s G.S. The order for “suppression” sounds too much like a command for slaughter. “Social control mechanisms” is more like putting people in jail.

──So times are going to get tough for the Chinese people?

Xi’s G.S. We don’t have a choice. Our population is exploding. We simply have to weed out some people. And a war is the most efficient way of doing that. If we start a war thinking “We don’t care if 100 million of our people die,” all of the other countries are going to buckle. That’s why we won’t have unemployment in China. We are simply going to put everybody who doesn’t have a job into military, use them, and employ them on our expansionist fronts. We’ll tell them as soon as they take over these other countries, they are free to take whatever supplies and money they can find there.

We’re also going to let our people have Japanese comfort women, so tell your women to look their best. Chinese soldiers are picky.


“If We Kill Ryuho Okawa, It’ll Be the End of Happy Science”

──I think Happy Science teachings have trickled down into China over the past two years. How are you planning to deal with Happy Science?

Xi’s G.S. If we kill Ryuho Okawa, it’ll be the end of Happy Science, right? That’s all I have to say about that. The Chinese mafia is active world-wide. All we have to do is pay them, and they’ll take care of it for us by leaving no traces. Killing your leader is going to be an easy job.

──But don’t you think it is amazing that in the past religion has played a significant role in letting revolutions happen in China?

Xi’s G.S. In Hong Kong, disturbing movements seem to spring up, protesting against the introduction of the Communist Party’s way of educational thought. It is as clear as crystal that your religious group is behind all of that. But the Chinese can’t read your books, so it won’t spread. Only a tiny fraction of the Chinese population can read your books, so I’m not worried about the books. If you start publishing mangas and animes, then we’re in trouble.


◇ ◇ ◇ ◇


Master Okawa’s Viewpoint after the Spiritual Message

We Won’t Know Who Wins Until We Fight this War

OkawaXi Jinping is staging anti-Japanese and anti-American protests, while telling the world “I’m innocent. I haven’t done anything.” In a way, he is the man backstage pulling the strings.

He is a real tactician. He is moving faster than I thought. He is moving faster than his opponents can think. He says: “If we kill Ryuho Okawa, it’ll be the end of Happy Science.” The Japanese media had exactly the same idea. But they forgot that even then, my thoughts remain, and the fight would continue still. I have said this many times: “The future is going to be built on the foundation of my words.” So even once I’m gone, my followers will still strive towards a brighter future based on my words. I think Xi Jinping still doesn’t understand that we fight differently, that our way to fight a war is to create a network of ideas, and that he is already surrounded by our ideas. Xi is unaware that our ideas are spreading, and that we are creating a stronger, more and more expansive network in the world.

I think he would do well to recognize that as soon as China thinks it has become Number 1 in the world, it will have demonstrated to all other countries that it is a barbaric nation. Once all of the other countries in the world stand up together and unite against his intended rule of terror, things are going to change. We are probably going to see China revert to the agricultural country as it was under Mao Zedong, putting all its energy into building a nuclear weapon, but even if their nuclear weapons can destroy other countries, no nuclear weapons can create wealth.

While it remains our objective to put an end to China’s one-party military dictatorship by 2020, it remains their objective to take over Japan. We won’t know who will win until we fight this war.

※This report is only part of the actual spirit message that was recorded on September 18th, 2012. For a more detailed version, please read “Does China and Xi Jinping Have a Future? – The Truth About the Anti-Japanese Demos in China. ”
This publication is available at the end of October.

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Does Xi Jinping’s China Have a Future?
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