Ideas, not Weapons Win the Battle for Peace in Asia

Today, we are witnessing a revival of Confucian thought in China. in September 2011, the Confucius Festival was celebrated to honor the philosopher’s birthday. Picture taken in Qufu, Shandong, where the philosopher was born.

I’m a 3rd year university student. I believe that to ensure a bright future for the earth, it is important to prevent China from trying to dominate other countries and democratize it. Last October, I went to the Expo in Shanghai and handed out a lot of Happy Science books in Chinese. In March I’m going to Taiwan. How can we as students contribute to China’s democratization?



Gain Wisdom at University and Be Smart about Communicating the Way

A lot of Chinese exchange students are sent out into the world to study abroad and later return to China, but actually this system is being used as a training ground for spies.

We have Chinese exchange students in Japan, too, but a lot of them are sent here by the Chinese government, which is not interested in them studying about Japan but uses them to gather information on how to best brainwash the Japanese. So they end up brainwashing us rather than learning from us.

To transmit Happy Science teachings effectively to Chinese exchange students, we have to put in more effort and convert them from the bottom of their soul. The way they usually operate is that when you think they have become your friends, they might in fact be using the Happy Science student group to infiltrate Japan with Chinese thought patterns.

Even religions that are usually thought of highly from a Happy Science point of view use universities as a training ground for spies. Suspicious people of this kind are all around us, so even if we go in with the best intentions, we need to be careful that we do not end up digging our own grave with what we do. In order not to be veered away from our path, we need to be smart and careful about how we spread our knowledge.


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Ideas, not Weapons Win the Battle for Peace in Asia
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