Space Being Related to Jesus Christ Speaks: ‘The World Is at a Decisive Point of Whether Western Values Will Uphold in the Next Century’

To gain better insight into the chaotic world that the Covid pandemic has created, Happy Science CEO and founder, Master Ryuho Okawa, conducted a spiritual message of a space being known as Metatron on June 18.

The spiritual message is titled, “Spiritual Messages from Metatron ‘The Light in the Age of Crisis'” and is currently being released at Happy Science temples and shojas (you can view the full version in a Happy Science facility, listed below).

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Metatron Views Timeline of Earth as ‘Goldfish Inside a Bowl’

From a very long time ago, countless aliens have been coming to Earth and engaging in its history. Metatron is one such person, who has flown from Sagittarius’s Planet “Include”. However, unlike the rest, he is a savior-class being whose soul even has a connection with Jesus Christ.

Although watching afar from space, he has wished for the prosperity and happiness of Earthlings as he witnessed many civilizations bloom and collapse in a recurring cycle. He says that he views the situation, including the ongoing events, as a “goldfish inside a bowl.”

Currently, the power balance between China and the Western nations is unstable due to the emergence of Covid-19. Both the developed and developing Western countries received immense damage from it, while China pushes forth its attempt to increase its influence and territory as if they were awaiting this opportunity. There are Western efforts to restrain this movement, but nations are dragged down by their need to focus on their domestic Covid policies, and their economic difficulties are being undermined by China.

One step into the future is pitch black. No one knows when the world map may change with many variables including the coronavirus pandemic, timings and results of regional disputes and the Russian and Middle Eastern movements. It is a complicated and unpredictable age, comparable to that during the world wars or cold war.

“How should Japan act during such times?” is the question troubling politicians.

What kind of scenario awaits the world? Also, where is the crossroad to change this scenario?


‘Political Reasons’ Affect Coronavirus Pandemic in Taiwan, Vietnam, U.K.

Metatron’s insights warn us that those who believe that the world is fighting against a naturally originated and spreading coronavirus with the power of science and vaccines will make a fatal mistake.

The Liberty has been showing that the coronavirus pandemic is a world war incited by China, and that the rampaging variants around the world were thrown in by China against the supposed enemy nations. This cannot be settled as a mere conspiracy theory; it is an ongoing problem that must be examined and stopped to prevent future damage.

Why did Taiwan with its perfect border control encounter a Covid outbreak? Why is the virus beginning to spread in Vietnam? What is the surprising reason behind the new wave of the pandemic in the U.K.? Lastly, what is China’s plan that lies after we learn that no vaccine can resolve this situation? Metatron reveals his outlook, as if he has a bird’s eye or clairvoyant view of the whole series of events.

However, there may be many people who think that China cannot be that evil. Metatron pointed out the common mentality behind this: that those who believe people are good by nature are blinded to the Leviathan-like national view that has been around in China for thousands of years—that the national sovereignty is the only real entity.


Religions Have Mission to Choose the Good and Discard the Bad

With these perceptions of our times in mind, what is the turning point to change the foreseeable completion of China’s world domination? Metatron believed that China’s aim is to divide liberal nations, and said, “I think the key lies in Japan.” He explained his rationale with the current balance of international relations and Japan’s historical role.

In addition, he stated, “Right now, I want you all to study the policy of appeasement that the European nations took when Hitler appeared,” promoting the importance of discerning the true nature of powerholders.

Metatron stated that they have fought and won many times in the past against the dark space forces that now seek world domination through China.

If China’s values dominate the Earth and create such a field, then those with similar wavelengths would be able to live on Earth. When this happens, Metatron spoke, the world will become a “total Hell” that will strengthen Hell’s forces with reincarnation. That is why we are at a decisive point of whether the Western values will still be dominant in the next century, he emphasized.

Furthermore, he concluded that only religion can clearly and boldly promote the belief
to choose good and discard evil, portraying the enormity of the role that religion has in the victory of the good.

This spiritual message also covered the below additional points:

  • How does the Biden administration perceive the Wuhan lab-leak theory that is resurging in the U.S.?
  • What were the events that led up to the stern opinion given towards China during G7?
  • What is China’s tactic to sneak in Covid into target nations?
  • What does China think of the criticism that they receive from all over the world?
  • How is China going to respond to the strongly anti-China Australia?
  • What is the lesson to be learned from World War II by the world?
  • The relationship between Xi Jinping and the space forces that aim to conquer the world who are behind this world chaos.
  • What is humanity’s “total transition into tengu*” and the “time of crisis” approaching humanity that Metatron and other space beings worry about?
  • About the evil space beings that intervened with Roosevelt during and prior to World War II.


Note: Tengu are Japanese long-nosed goblins with conceited hearts and tend to forever boast of their power. In this context, this creature is mentioned as a metaphor for those people who think themselves as superior to God. Therefore, “total transition into tengu” means the situation in which all mankind become too arrogant and no longer worship God.


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Space Being Related to Jesus Christ Speaks: ‘The World Is at a Decisive Point of Whether Western Values Will Uphold in the Next Century’
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