At Least One Million Killed in Detention Camps
An interview with an Uighur expert in Japan speaking up on the true state of Uighur oppression.




Chairman of Japan Uighur Union

Tur Muhammet

Born in Uighur. Graduated from China Agricultural University, received Ph.D. in Agriculture from Kyushu University. After working as a lecturer at Xinjiang Agricultural University and a foreign researcher at Kyushu University, became a Uighur human rights activist.

It is generally said that there are “one million” Uighurs placed in detention camps.


The Maximum Capacity Is Five Million

However, based on the local population decrease, it is estimated that at least three million people, at most five million people were placed in the camps between 2017 and 2019.

As to support this estimate, 4.8 million people’s worth of Uighur list leaked in 2019 from a company of Shenzhen that manages the surveillance cameras in the detention camps.


“Nation-scale Rape” Surpassing the Nazis

The size of the detention camps is greater than the always-housed capacity of Nazi concentration camps (estimated to be around 700,000 people), but what is done inside far surpasses the Nazis as well.

In the Nazi, there were some occasions when misbehaved guards committed acts of sexual violence to the Jews, but it was generally considered a taboo partially due to their racist beliefs. However, in the Uighur detention camps, there have been several testimonies claiming that women are called every day and being subjected to unimaginable rape by the officials throughout the night.

There is one testimony as well: “one day, in a detention camp in Zhaosu County, the management gathered hundreds of detainees to the hall and made one woman confess her “sin.” That sin was her sending an e-mail greeting alluding to the Islamic religion. After the confession, multiple administrators began raping her in front of everyone. If any of the detainees showed signs of anger or bewilderment such as looking the other way or clenching their fists, they were taken away and never returned.”

The rape that takes place here is completely different from some immoral administrators satisfying their sexual desires. It was a “systemic rape,” a “nation-scale rape” with a goal to crush their dignity as a human being and make them despair that their Muslim self is worthless.


Testimonies Come From Least Strict of The Camps

However, these testimonies are only the tip of the iceberg. In 2019, the Chinese government’s internal documents leaked, revealing that the camps were divided into three levels: “reinforced control,” “strict control” and “normal control,” in order of strictness. Furthermore, all the reports of tortures, rapes and murders come from the least strict “normal control” camps. There are no survivors from the two stricter levels. No one knows what is going on inside.

There are witnesses, however, who have stated that they have seen the prisoners with red clothes that indicate that they are under “reinforced control” in hospitals: a middle-aged man crying in agony because he cannot stand his pain, with wounds all over his body, and pus and blood dripping like sweat from those wounds; a young man without any of his five toes, his wounds rotted and one of his legs largely swelled. These were all people with unimaginable injuries.


Prisoners Distributed Throughout China to Harvest Organs

In addition, throughout Sept. to Dec. 2019, there was a suspicious incident in which all transportation throughout Uighur was suspended. There are information indicating that many Uighurs from the “reinforced control” and “strict control” levels were transported to prisons throughout China.

The Uighurs were distributed throughout the country so CCP can transplant fresh organs in any region. It is known that China is harvesting organs from Falun Gong believers, but the number of living believers have been on the decline, and the “donors” are almost gone. The Uighurs are filling this role. China performs 100,000 organ transplants every year, so in five years 500,000 people would have had their organs taken out and killed. This is something that the Nazis did not do as well.

With all this information, no matter how low the estimate, more than one million Uighurs are killed through detention camps in five years (*). In the Nazi extermination camps, incinerators were built as a symbol of massacre. In Uighur, too, electric incinerators are being built in each camp. How much suffering have this government-involved massacre produced? It is immeasurable.

(*) China’s long-standing Uighur policy as a whole estimates a much larger casualty.
At Least One Million Killed in Detention Camps
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