Kim Jong-un’s Knees Are Shaking Trump’s Strategy Succeeds As Kim’s Guardian Spirit Negotiates Compromises
"The Spiritual Message of North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un" Recorded on 11 October 2017 at Happy Science Taigokan

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The Kim Regime in North Korea is nearing its end. Are we about to witness the moment that a state system is overthrown?

Increasing UN sanctions and U.S. President Donald Trump’s confident statements have started to push North Korea into a tight corner.

The 10th of October was an annual public holiday in North Korea marking the Party Foundation Day, but no missile launches or nuclear experiments appear to have accompanied the celebrations.

What, then, is Kim Jong-un thinking? On the 11th of October, the guardian spirit of Kim Jong-un visited Master Ryuho Okawa, founder and CEO of Happy Science, requesting a spiritual interview.


Kim Jong-un’s Gurdian Spirit Is Weak-Kneed

This was the third time this year that Happy Science has recorded a message from Kim’s guardian spirit. Comparing the first two messages to this one clearly shows that Kim is getting desperate and growing weaker.

In the messages recorded in April and August, Kim’s guardian spirit outlined a detailed plan to attack South Korea and Japan if the U.S. takes military action against North Korea. “It would clearly produce over 1 million casualties,” he boasted.

In the October message, however, his tone was completely different.

“If international community propose some conditions that are globally accepted, I don’t mind if we suspend nuclear activities and missile tests.”

Kim’s guardian spirit responded to Master Okawa’s previous comment that a bloodless surrender is the most desirable resolution to the North Korea problem.

He stated that the conditions for a bloodless surrender would be,“keeping the current regime, a guarantee of my life and well being, a prohibition on attacking North Korea with nuclear weapons and bombs, and no interference if South Korea or Japan want to voluntarily support North Korea”. If the international community agrees to these conditions, “I will terminate my plan to crush the U.S.”, he said.


Trump’s Verbal Attacks and Added Sanctions

The sudden change in Kim’s guardian spirit’s attitude can be explained by Trump’s sustained resolve to take military action if necessary, and his sanctions against Chinese companies dealing with North Korea.

On the 7th of October, Trump tweeted, “Presidents and their administrations have been talking to North Korea for 25 years, agreements made and massive amounts of money paid . . . hasn’t worked, agreements violated before the ink was dry, makings fools of U.S. negotiators. Sorry, but only one thing will work!” He remained cryptic as to what the “one thing” is, but the media has suggested that it means military action.

Kim’s guardian spirit refer to President Trump’s comment on Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State of the U.S., saying Tillerson was wasting his time trying to negotiate with Kim. Trump also tweeted “Save your energy Rex, we’ll do what has to be done!” Trump’s attitude is also pushing Kim into a tight corner.

Earlier this week, during a photo opportunity with his top military leaders, Trump made another cryptic comment that it was the “calm before the storm”. These remarks are a warning to North Korea that the U.S. is ready to take military action if North Korea conducts any more nuclear or missile tests.

Kim’s guardian spirit said he was impressed by Trump’s ability to “take Xi Jinping under control”. He was referring to China’s recent change-of-stance from indifference to one of strict surveillance of North Korea.


We Cannot Relax the Pressure on North Korea

Kim’s obvious desperation and proposals for a compromise do not mean we can relax the pressure on North Korea. In neighboring Japan, leftist factions in the extraordinary elections are gaining popularity with their demands to preserve Article 9 and advocacy for talks with North Korea to resolve the problem. Empathizing with this extreme pacifism would bring serious danger to Japan.

Applying more pressure to North Korea is imperative to protect Japan from its military threats and to salvage the 20 million people suffering under the North Korean regime.

Trump must further reinforce sanctions against North Korea and remain fully prepared for military action to guide North Korea to a bloodless surrender.


Choosing a Party That Can Protect the Country

In his spiritual message, Kim’s guardian spirit commented on Japan’s postwar state security system as follows:

“Japan must preserve Article 9, and Japan must remain pacifists for all time. Japan should have pride in pacifism, and say, ‘we won’t have a military force’. This has to be sustained until the day the earth comes to an end.”

In other words, Kim wants Japan to remain vulnerable to North Korea’s threats. By doing the reverse of what Kim wants, Japan can protect itself from North Korea. The next election is an opportunity for the Japanese people to choose a party that can do exactly that, and there is only one: The Happiness Realization Party (HRP).

While the Liberal Democratic Party upholds a security policy that relies entirely on the U.S., which has Japan living in its shadow, the HRP proposes the exact opposite. Under the slogan “To Protect Our Country Ourselves”, the HRP promises to build underground nuclear shelters, double the defense budget, abolish the Three Non-Nuclear Principles, and strengthen state security by obtaining nuclear weapons.

A sovereign state must hold its destiny in its own hands, and voting for a party that promises to turn Japan into a country that can protect itself is crucial.

Kim Jong-un’s most recent spiritual message also covered the following topics:

  • The state of the North Korean economy
  • Why North Korea refuses the entry of overseas media
  • What Kim thinks about Japan’s upcoming election
  • Kim’s opinions on Japan’s ‘anti-war’ sentiment
  • Will North Korea become a puppet government for China?
  • Where would Kim defect to if it becomes necessary?
  • The chances of attacking China with the H-bomb
  • The assassination of Kim Jong-nam
  • Kim’s potential successor
  • The possibilities of a coup in the military
  • Nations that are friendly to North Korea

Spiritual messages are words spoken by a spiritual consciousness through a living person. This ability is limited to people with a high level of enlightenment, and is different to Shamanic mediumship (where the medium is in an unconscious trance-like state during the message). With spirits from foreign countries, the spirit accesses the medium’s brain to choose words in Japanese or English to communicate.

Kim Jong-un’s Knees Are Shaking Trump’s Strategy Succeeds As Kim’s Guardian Spirit Negotiates Compromises
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