How to Overcome Hatred: A View from The Universe
World Teacher's Message No. 245


The Question:

In the film “The Laws of the Universe Part 0” (HS Pictures Studio) there was a part where the protagonist offers his soul in devotion. How should we offer our souls in devotion to the future of the world?

(Lecture given 21 November 2015 at Happy Science Sendai Shoshinkan)


I didn’t write this line, but I’ll do my best to answer your question! [audience laughs]
In short, I suppose it means to expand your worldview until it reaches the level of the universe. In accumulating my readings of space people, we have started to discover that many space people of different shapes and sizes inhabit various planets.

People who cannot come to grips with religion and the idea of an afterlife may find this unfathomable. It would be so distant from their understanding that they would probably think Happy Science is some sort of planetarium religion [audience laughs]. They might listen on special occasions like the Star Festival in Japan, but I have constantly been talking about planets other than Earth.

Some materialists and science lovers are interested in these topics about space, other planets and UFOs. These people associate spiritual things with horror and often find it frightening, but they find it much more interesting to talk about aliens, UFOs and foreign planets.

Everybody has different areas of interest, so this topic can be a good starting point for some people.


Waking Up Dormant Curiosity

Since the screening of “The Laws of the Universe Part 0” began, Japanese regional television stations began broadcasting a lot of material on UFOs, Unidentified Mysterious Animals (UMA) and poltergeists. This was actually an imitation of what Happy Science has been pursuing.

Just one or two years ago, NHK (Japan’s national broadcasting station) aired a number of programs denying paranormal phenomena. Happy Science published a book criticizing these programs. In contrast, private channels have caught onto topics such as UFOs and the paranormal, and want the public to recognize these things to expand their news reporting capacity.

Many people nowadays can take pictures and videos very easily, and as a result gathering information has become much easier.

At the recent campus festival at Happy Science University (HSU), there was a lot of excitement going on when people saw a UFO. When we blew up the video taken with a smartphone, it clearly captured a moving luminous object.

It seems like it was indeed a UFO, but owing to our ‘lack of etiquette’ [audience laughs], we only caught the footage just in time before it flew off.

Curiosity is a human instinct. Space-related footage is one good way of opening the gates of our curiosity about the unknown. Eventually, curiosity will point you toward the other world – the spiritual world – or to your true nature [as a spiritual being].

In this way, it is important that we stimulate the curiosity in other people by approaching them saying things like, “Are you interested in this sort of thing?” or “Don’t you think this is intriguing?” to awaken their curiosity that lies dormant.


Seeing the Earth From the Perspective of the Universe

Adopting the perspective of ‘seeing Earth from the universe’ is also very important in allowing humanity as a whole to discover Earth’s true potential.

Many of the wars going on today are related to religion, but what would we see for instance if we look at the situation from outer space; if we adopt the viewpoint of someone flying around Earth on a UFO?

We would probably think, “Oh no, will they be all right? How far are they going to go? Should we intervene?” This will also allow us to see new possibilities and approaches to bring Earth’s conflicts to an end.

Seeing the conflict between Earthlings escalating, some space people may even think, “Perhaps we should appear as their common enemy so they can end their war and unite.” We needn’t let things get to that stage.

Earth must not become a planet of hatred at the hands of humans. We have to continue teaching the world that Earth is a planet of love. We must treasure love and harmony.

It is true that discord and hatred can arise out of competition in pursuit of advancement. But we can overcome these things if we give respectful blessings to our rivals and create a culture that extends a lending hand to those just entering the competitive world.

If, in its advancement, a country welcomes the oppression of the weak, it means we’re entering the bestial realm. Herein lies the cause of war. Historically, wars begin when one country gains greater power. We can stop this through heightening our moral and ethical mindset, and by embracing the spirit of love.


China and South Korea Need Freedom of Information

I think it’s a good thing that neighboring China is succeeding and progressing. While most of the populace is in poverty, at least some of them have become wealthy.

“Bread before breeding” is an appropriate saying, so next they will enter an age that demands something cultural and spiritual. Once people gain ample access to food and become wealthy, this is where religion becomes really necessary.

I’m hoping that China’s rise will not become a military threat that looks fearful even from outer space, but that they will be able to transfer their growing power into the cultural level. For instance, economic progress is possible in a time of peace but it becomes impossible amidst war and terror attacks.

Economic progress relies on a win-win relationship where each party gains something from it. I hope they come to realize this. I pray from the bottom of my heart that, while there are many different views on Earth, we overcome all hatred and turn this planet into a planet of love.

This is why Japan needs more power in politics. China and South Korea often criticize Japan for many things, but we must acquire enough influence to have them understand us correctly.

And to China and South Korea, I’d like to say, “Please open up to the ideas and information Japan is contributing, such as our films and other products of culture.” If the authorities think that exposing their people to Japanese things will brainwash them, it means that the authorities are looking down upon their people.

I want them to release their control over culture; if this has great influence on the people, it means they think it is right to do so.

If China and South Korea are preventing Japanese culture from entering their country because they think it will cause their Presidents to lose their authority, this is wrong. It is of utmost importance that the people also take action toward changing the regulation of ideology.


Nurturing Earth Into a Planet of Love

It is my ardent wish that we bring together countless various forces to nurture Earth into a planet of love.

Happy Science also teaches the importance of national defense. But this is not to create a military superpower to trigger a world war. We want to guide people to the right path.

We want to make Earth a planet worth protecting, from the objective view of the space people; and we want to make it so that the people can stand up and say, “We will protect our planet with the power of love!” I think it is important that we embrace this elevated mindset.

How to Overcome Hatred: A View from The Universe
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