Neuroscientists, Deepen Your Spiritual Knowledge of Life and Your Understanding of What Human Beings Truly Are

Emil F. Coccaro, a professor from the University of Chicago’s Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience, published results from research into Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED). This recently appeared in the Biological Psychiatry Journal.

IED is a behavioral disorder where a person suddenly bursts into uncontrollable anger over trivial things. This research was conducted with 168 subjects including people diagnosed and undiagnosed with IED as subjects. The researchers used computers to examine the subjects’ brains and retrieve images of the cross-sections.

With the results, they found that the subjects who were diagnosed with IED had less grey matter than those who weren’t.


The Unknown Is Everywhere in Neuroscience

The brain is still filled with knowledge yet uncovered.

Last year, a lot of the media in Florida took up the story of an anencephalic baby growing up. To some extent, the results of this research into IED may help to uncover the secrets of neuroscience.

The point to watch out for, however, is that while there are many debates surrounding the brain, it is wrong to decide people’s value by the function of their brains.


The Brain Is Secondary, the Mind and Soul Are Primary

Master Ryuho Okawa, the founder of Happy Science, published a book titled “New Research into the Mind”, explaining the relationship between the brain and the mind from a spiritual stance.

In it, he says:


“The first problem we encounter is where the mind is the brain, and the brain is the mind. The answer is ‘no’. The brain is simply a connecting center for the mind, working as a connection circuit. In other words, it is just a circuit computer.”

The neuroscience of today claims that the mind is a brain activity. There have, however, been increasing cases, such as near-death-experiences and children with memories from past lives, that cannot be explained without admitting the existence of the soul.

Imperative to the advancement of neuroscience is the knowledge of life and what human beings truly are.

Human beings are spirits by nature, and we are incarnating and reincarnating through various lives to polish our souls. The brain is secondary, and the mind and soul are primary. Materialism that claims that ‘humans are machines controlled by the brain’ is doing nothing other than stealing us of our dignity as children of God.

There is a need for a right worldview and more spiritual knowledge in the conduction of research in neuroscience.


Neuroscientists, Deepen Your Spiritual Knowledge of Life and Your Understanding of What Human Beings Truly Are
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