How to seek Stability in Financial Assets
A Compass pointing to the future--World Teacher Message


Master Ryuho Okawa was born on July 7th, 1956 in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from the prestigious University of Tokyo, he joined a Tokyo-based international trading company. While working at the company’s New York headquarters, he studied finance at the Graduate Centre of the City University of New York.

On March 23rd, 1981, Master Okawa started communicating with the Spirit World and attained Great Enlightenment. He awakened to the fact that he is the re birth of Shakyamuni Buddha and the core conscious ness of El Cantare – the supreme God of the Earth. He established Happy Science in October 1986.

His books number over 1900, and many of them are bestsellers selling millions of copies including The Laws of the Sun and The Happiness Realization Party. In 2014, he broke his own Guinness World Record of the Most Books Published In A Year (formerly 52 books), with 161 books published. He has given over 2300 lectures, and in the media business, he has as made 9 feature films as executive producer, including The Laws of the Universe Part 0 (in cinemas, autumn/fall 2015). In addition, he has established the Happiness Realization Party, Happy Science Academy, HS private school of politics, and Happy Science University (HSU).

The Question:

I work on managing funds in an investment company. I would like to be of help to many people through the successful use of funds. Could you give us any advice on the correct use of funds and property?

On 3rd May 2015 at Happy Science Tokyo Shoshinkan


Master Okawa’s Answer:

So I gather that the question is implying how you can make more money? (Audience laughs). I think there are many people with the same intention: things like “how can I yield profit, to maintain or attain a trade surplus” or “I want to hit the nail right on the head!” Sometimes when I pass by a lottery ticket seller, the wish to win the lottery passes my mind (audience laughs); but I remind myself that I can’t rely on such things. If one does not attain profit through one’s own abilities, winning a lottery would not yield sustained results.

Statistics reveal that it is very difficult to continuously win in the investment business. There are many people in executive positions at Happy Science who have come from security companies, and I can say that in the past 20 years, even security companies have been going downhill. The same would go for funds related jobs.

It may possibly be beyond an individual’s power to win in things that are affected by big trends, like investments. Even so, earnest study while not succumbing to avarice can bring about small profits.

If you go for a big gamble saying, “I have a big mission to fulfill!” the losses will be severe if it fails. I can’t be sure if you are pouring everything into your funds job, but what I can say is that in managing funds and property, ‘wins’ and ‘losses’ are an inevitable outcome. So really, there needs to be a stable part, like that submerged part of an iceberg. It is fine if you are just making money from managing the surplus funds on the surface, but if you are investing the whole iceberg worth of funds, there is a danger that the whole thing can be overturned in an instant.


How To Win In Investment During Economic Policy Changes

If Abenomics is really a success like the government is claiming, then there is still a chance to win, but to be honest right now it is a competition between you and China-related movements. Maybe a recession will come from China, or they will buy Japanese government bonds, or maybe both sides may have to face an economic downturn. In addition, all of this can also be affected by America.

U.S. President Obama has realized that the old methods no longer work, and is now trying to support Japan in order to limit their aid to China. China formerly possessed the largest amount of U.S. bonds, but now Japan is number 1, and China is number 2. The Chinese economy has slowed down to the extent that they need to sell U.S. bonds to buy Chinese Yuan with the dollars to support the economy and prevent a crash. Japan and America has formed a partnership in challenging the Chinese economy.

So right now you are caught in the middle of all this, and are looking for every chance possible to fight. Thus there is no guarantee whether you can continue to win. For this reason, I think you should keep your own set of regulations and rules, as excessive greed will lead to your downfall.

One can always hope that stock prices will rise by $100, but things are never so simple. Giving such advice to your customers will probably result in failure. There are good and bad stocks. In addition, some famous high earning companies are going downhill. In order to be at an advantage in your business would be to constantly study and check their business, products, human resources, and other trends.


Stability Come From Having Money To Spare

I am able to predict the future up until about the next 3 – 6 months, but beyond that I am uncertain due to numerous factors such as politics and economics. This being the case, I can imagine how difficult your job must be. Since you cannot live by relying on luck alone, you have to be able to win more and more with your own ability. It is very risky unless you make that stable source of income that I spoke of earlier, instead of something that has a high risk of failure. Your job is one where too much greed will lead to downfall, and is one that may cause many people trouble.

While Shinzo Abe is Prime Minister of Japan, he will do his best to raise stock prices, and generally speaking, it may remain high until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Even still, anything can happen, so I recommend making precise and accurate research and study.

If possible, it would be best if you could make enough money to spare so you can create another stable source of income. In truth it is impossible to continuously win, so it is better to think that you win when you are in luck. Also, if the desire to make a huge success becomes too extreme, it could lead to destruction.

As I said, the limit to my predictions is 3-6 months, and beyond that, unexpected changes make it harder to predict. This is because many people act trying to predict on a surface level. When I was working at a trading company, I was handling not stocks but foreign exchange. At these trading companies, each person has a daily quota to fulfill, and the sum of the money a person handles depends on their winning percentage. Even back then there were investments of 2 or 3 billion yen per day, and people with high winning percentages would be investing larger sums, much like how in some companies, a subordinate would have a larger quota than their boss.

In foreign exchange that does futures transactions, winning could mean even by 1%, that is, winning 51% even if the ratio is 51:49, is sufficient to aim for. Even then, winning continuously is very difficult. Those people that keep winning are probably good at gambling, but the people that aren’t very good at gambling may not be very good at investment.


The Ministry Of Education Planning A Casino Is Unacceptable

In Japan, as in other countries, there are plans for the country to build casinos. The country plans to make a special zone in places like Tokyo, Kanagawa or Okinawa to attract a casino. I would like to say a few things on this matter.

It is true that Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Macao and Singapore have casinos, and the Japanese government wants to redirect some of that money toward Japan. There are, however, many people who destroy their household through gambling, as they do at horse and bicycle racing. There is danger in igniting the flame of passion for gambling and speculation.

Within these bounds, it is questionable for the Japanese Ministry Of Education to be putting forward a plan for a casino. A famous consultant wrote something like the following regarding casinos: if one were to do it personally, they will be prosecuted for the crime of running a gambling house, but if the country provides a special zone for this, it suddenly becomes legal. I agree with this point.

They are trying to open a casino to increase tax revenue, but much of the casino profit usually ends up with the gangs and yakuza. It is highly questionable whether an educational institution responsible for educating morals and ethics should really be doing such as thing. Fund related companies are slightly different, but nonetheless there are aspects that are reminiscent of gambling, so there is a need to always have some sort of rational and scientific mindset. It is difficult because one has to do more than just pray at the local church to win these gambles through moral means.

Even some old guiding spirits may not have sufficient knowledge to fully help you, and since we can’t personally choose a spirit who is getting ready to be born, so this also makes it difficult.


A Good Mindset, Minimal Greed, And Rational Fund Management

With your job, it is very important to constantly study and observe yourself. Of course your intent must be ‘good’, but your overall mindset must also be as good as your work. Then, you should watch that your greed doesn’t become inflated, reduce the risks as much as possible, and act according to reason. When you find that you have more and more room to spare, you should see if you could use different means of maintaining your balance, and thus disperse any remaining risks.

Doing a Kigan doesn’t necessarily mean everything will turn out well. Many other people are working to attain wealth as well, we cannot know how the Heavens will distribute wealth.

It is not a simple topic, but it would be great if you could work steadily and earnestly. We also do some investments with restraint.

How to seek Stability in Financial Assets
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