The Regrets Of Iwane Matsui
Commander During the Capture of Nanking

Master Okawa is famous for recording spiritual messages from people responsible for both present-day conflicts and wars from the past. In September of 2014, Master Okawa called forth the spirit of Iwane Matsui, the General who commanded the Battle of Nanking. Since China mistakenly portrays Japan as a brutal aggressor nation, it has been retelling a fictitious story of the Nanking Incident where the Japanese army supposedly massacred 300,000 Chinese people. Master Okawa conducted General Matsui’s spiritual message, which uncovered the truth.

The spirit of General Matsui claimed that the incident was a fabrication through which America sought to justify their attacks on Japan. Although General Matsui was given a death sentence after the war as a person responsible for the Nanking Incident, it was a false accusation. The spirit of General Matsui, however, not only did not grieve over his ill fortune, he relayed a message to the present day people of Japan:

The battleground I occupied became a source of controversy, and it’s about to become yet another source of conflict. I am so, so, so, so sorry . . . I feel like committing seppuku over again as an act of apology.


Hideki Tojo, who led Japan during the War, was in tears

The Former-Prime Minister of Japan, Hideki Tojo, was adjudicated as a Class A War Criminal, the Japanese man most responsible for the outbreak of war.

In May of 2013, Master Okawa called upon the spirit of Tojo to ask for the purpose behind the Greater East Asia War. He spoke on details regarding America’s aim to conquer Asia, its racism towards Japan, which resulted in pressure for the country to enter America’s Pacific War, and pronounced Japan’s noble purpose for fighting.

While Tojo was calm when he explained the world situation in the first half, later he was seen in tears; he said that he didn’t mind being treated like a demon from hell, but his brave soldiers should regain their honor.

I flatly refuse to accept as true the story of the Comfort Women and the Nanking Incident! I swear such things never happened. The moral standards of the Japanese soldiers were nothing short of the world’s highest. Regarding this, I will never go back on my word!


The Ones We Owe our Gratitude to Are the Dead Soldiers

The people, the Japanese must apologize to, are the dead soldiers for repaying their kindness with injury. This summer, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is due to present a new statement on the war. Will it be one that ends Japan’s self-harming view of history?

The Regrets Of Iwane Matsui
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