The Clue to the Future of Physics Can be Found in Religion


“Einstein Speaks on the Future of Physics”

Delivered from Happy Science Headquarters on December 23rd, 2014

The spirit of Albert Einstein, a Nobel Prize Laureate respected as the greatest theoretical physicist of the 20th century, spoke on his vision for the future of physics. This may become a guiding hope for young people seeking to pursue physics.


Clues for the Future of Physics

During his lifetime, Einstein proposed a theory that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. In this spiritual message, he stated that there is a need to discover a method to exceed the speed of light, and that this is the main challenge posed to the future of physics.
The spirit of Einstein challenged the popular notion that gravitation is only a pulling force. He revealed that if this was so, then it fails to concur with the theory that the universe is expanding. It also disagrees with the ‘big bang’ hypothesis. If the universe is expanding against the pulling force, then there should be a potent alternate centripetal force. The spirit of Einstein suggested that this was the current limit of physics, and to attain the answer, an inquiry must be made directly to God.

The topic of his talk then shifted to one of his theories regarding UFO propulsion; that is, how UFO’s are designed to move. The spirit of Einstein hinted to the existence of an immense energy beyond the scope of nuclear power that reacts when stimulated by mental operations.


Proving the Miracle of God is the Purpose of Science

During his lifetime, Einstein was convinced of the existence of God. In this spiritual message, Einstein showed his enthusiasm for research into the world made by God.

As was the case with his discovery of the mass-energy equivalence formula E=mc2, the spirit of Einstein admitted that he could not prove many of God’s miracles, such as the materialization of matter. He said, however, that he will entrust such future missions to the next generation of physicists.
“Science that denies the existence of God, is a discipline that will collapse. Knowledge that will advance is one that affirms God’s miracles and seeks to prove them.”

Einstein’s words shed light on his belief that what was once considered the domain of religious thought will play an integral part in the future of scientific studies.

The Clue to the Future of Physics Can be Found in Religion
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