British Marine Archaeologist, Tim Akers, Discovers the True Cause for the Crash of Flight 370

It has been almost three months since Malaysian Airlines flight 370 made its last contact with air traffic controllers and went missing while flying over the sea off the coast of southern Vietnam on route to Beijing.

A massive search operation has failed to find not only the missing plane itself but also any trace of it. Soon after the flight disappeared, a search was conducted in the ocean where it might have fallen. However, radar analysis strengthened the belief that the plane crashed into the Southern Indian Ocean, which caused search parties to examine an area off the coast of Australia. Yet, they haven’t been able to locate the missing plane.

British newspapers recently reported that Tim Akers, a British marine archaeologist, claims he has located the wreckage from the missing Flight 370 by analyzing the satellite images.

Using home-made technology to inspect satellite images, he has produced results such as the discovery of an ancient city that sunk to the bottom of the sea and the remains of Australia’s WWⅡ ship HMAS Sydney.

The color of what appears to be the debris of the plane in the satellite image that Akers released matches that of the Malaysian aircraft.

A reporter for The Liberty interviewed Timothy Akers in person, who lives in North Yorkshire, Britain.

After having analyzed all sorts of information, Akers points out that Flight 370 exploded due to poor maintenance and that its wreckage is still in the ocean off Vietnam.

Akers said, “There was a defect in the same model of the Boeing passenger aircraft, so the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a warning that inadequate maintenance could lead to a serious accident. Nevertheless, the ailing Malaysia Airlines (run by the government) ignored this warning and did not suspend the flight. The Malaysian government said that the maintenance records of the missing plane were reduced to ashes in a suspicious fire, but it was not the truth. The government could get into trouble if the records were made public. The accident happened not by accident, as it was an accident waiting to happen.


  • During the flight, the portside bottom, in front of the cargo hold, came off, which shut off the automatic transponder and severed the cable carrying the fuel. There has been speculation that someone shut off the transponder on purpose, but it would have been impossible unless a person entered the cargo hold.
  • A part ahead of the landing gear on the left suddenly separated from the fuselage, which severed the fuel pipe and communication cable. The fuel gushing out from the fuel pipe set off an explosion in the engine on the left main wing, causing the wing to blow off. The pilot lost control of the airplane, so it was sent into a tailspin and crashed into the South China Sea. Due to the sharp drop in air pressure, all of the passengers probably lost consciousness or died before the crash.
  • Then, as more fuel flowed out from the severed cable into the engine, the entire plane exploded. More than 40 fishermen and oil-rig workers saw a burning plane plummet through the sky into the sea at the same time as the Flight 370 crash and in the same place.

On March 13th, 2014, 5 days after the disappearance of Flight 370, Master Okawa of Happy Science called forth the spirit of Edgar Cayce and conducted a “clairvoyant reading.” The media had been making a fuss about the possibility of a terrorist attack, but Master Okawa’s reading clearly described the situation as follows:

“The passenger flight’s main left wing broke off from the midsection and hung down. It then disintegrated. Unable to fly straight, the aircraft spun down from the lower left.”

Akers nodded several times while listening to the reading and repeated, “His reading is so accurate. It’s very interesting.”

Based on the information he collected, Akers has drawn the following conclusion about the situation when the crash occurred:

“Although the Malaysian government knew all along that the missing flight had crashed into the South China Sea, it deliberately misled the search party into the Indian Ocean in an attempt to cover up its negligence. Over 40 fishermen and oil-rig workers saw a burning plane fall into the ocean just when the plane disappeared, but the Malaysian government immediately dismissed the reports from the sightings.

The maintenance records of Flight 370 have actually not been made public despite repeated requests from members of the bereaved families. Akers’ view might have been based on the information that he had seen on Master Okawa’s public reading, but it’s interesting to know that there was a warning about the defect issued before the accident.

The Malaysian government should disclose more information and find the whereabouts of Flight 370 and the true cause of the accident as soon as possible.

British Marine Archaeologist, Tim Akers, Discovers the True Cause for the Crash of Flight 370
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