Master Okawa on Life at the Moment of Death

If you suddenly passed away from a heart attack, what might you experience at that moment? Do you ever wonder what your family members may experience at the moment of death? Some may believe that once a brain has ceased to function, the deceased can no longer feel or think. But what if that is not the case? Master Ryuho Okawa of the Happy Science Group, psychic and religious leader, knows what we see and experience at the moment of death.
The following passage is an excerpts from the “The True Story of the Spiritual World”.

Master Okawa tells us:

The majority of people won’t realize straight away that they have passed away. As an extension of the illness one’s soul remains in the body for a while beyond the time of death…

As the one who has passed listens to those surrounding, him or her saying that you have passed away, you are there thinking, “I’m still alive. Why are these people saying this; it’s strange”.
Occasionally the doctor opens and closes your eyelids and shines light in your face, and you are telling the doctor “It’s bright! Stop it!” The doctor says, “There’s no reaction from the patient, the pupils are dilated. The heart has stopped beating”. You react to what is said by checking your heart; to you, it’s still beating.

The reason for this is because one’s heart, as the spirit body, is still working, the one who has passed thinks “That’s strange, why is the doctor saying. ‘It’s stopped’ when my heart is still beating. This doctor has made a mistake in his diagnosis. Even though my brain is working fine, the doctor says ‘I can no longer see brain activity in this person’” You are puzzled by what you have heard.

You have the feeling, you are alive, but in fact you are dead. Eventually the time of your funeral arrives; a picture frame with your photo in it is placed by the side of your coffin, but you are there saying “No I don’t want this; I don’t want to be dead yet”. The time of acceptance has yet to come when the light of the soul makes death a mere passage to the “real world” where a new awakening ends fear and doubt.

The answer to the initial topic question is that many people don’t notice when they die. Because of this, some people who have died panic, and as a result wander around their home or town, and become a ghost.
Thus it is not a good end to a life. So if your family behaves like you have died, try to put your hand on your chest. If your hand goes through your chest, this is a sign that you have died and become an invisible spirit. In such a scenario, if you think in the following manner, you will learn to accept the fact that you have passed away.

The following passage is an excerpts from the “The laws of Life”.

Master Okawa tells us:

Birth and death are equivalent to putting on and taking off clothing. “Death” is merely the soul divesting itself of its clothing—the body.

For example, you put on a suit when you go out to work, and when you return home you take off the suit, relax, and change into clothes more appropriate for your home. If you continue to wear the suit after you have returned home, your lifestyle will become difficult to manage, so at home you change your clothes and rest.

At night, while you rest, your strength is restored, and when you awaken, you think, “Ah, a new day has begun. I’ll eat breakfast and leave the house.” Then you change into a suit and leave for work or somewhere else. This is equivalent to a new life in the cycle of rebirth.

Your home is equivalent to what is called the “real world”—the other world. For the soul, this is its home ground. Then, to “return home” is to die and go back to the real world—the other world, the essential world.

A human being is essentially a spirit. Your life here represents the place where God provides education and life experiences for his beloved souls.

After this life you must return home to the “real world”, the world of the spirit. God’s lesson for this life cycle is complete. After death a spirit will come who will guide you, and let you know “you have another world awaiting your return.” Even if you don’t remember your ‘home ground’, your soul will know to follow your spirit guide. You will recollect your life in heaven with the passage of time. Death is not a tragedy. It is merely another step. It is the end of this life as we know it, but also a starting point of your new life in the next world. Feel peace in knowing that there is a plan, and death is merely the graduation of life. Celebrate the journey.

Master Okawa on Life at the Moment of Death
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