A Warning From Einstein – Is It Right to Abandon Nuclear Power? (Part 2)
An extract of a report on a public, spiritual message


Returning to the Past Is the ‘Cancer of Thought’.

―― From your perspective Dr. Einstein, what kind of direction will the world take in the 2030s?

Einstein: The most frightening, conceivable scenario is one where materialistic countries and the poverty-stricken Muslim world cooperate side-by-side in a movement against America, Japan, and Europe. This world to come will be extremely oppressive. It’ll be a world where the equality of people, who are extremely poor, is forced upon its citizens.

I don’t know if the people who are participating in the anti-nuclear movement think that they want to return to a worldly life of hunting or fishing – that kind of idea exists, you know, in this world. There’s a kind of cancer of thought in that way of thinking, because they want to return to that kind of place. This thought process would lead to a perishing nation.

Since there’s a realistic threat of nuclear weapons from China and North Korea, an extremely high chance exists of Japan becoming a subordinate state in the first half of the 21st century if Japan doesn’t give thought as to how to neutralize those weapons. Japan must also prevent intrusions that employ theoretical ideas of its balance of power.

I believe that a lot of people who are opposed to killing people and who participate in peace movements are actually selling out their friends and working to attract their enemies.


Japan Will Perish Due to Its ‘Nuclear Power Allergy’.

Master Okawa: According to reports in the mass media, the public has been deluded into thinking that large numbers of people have died as a result of radiation. Therefore, people are being urged to participate in anti-nuclear movements after having been caught up in the illusion that “nuclear power is a ‘people killer'” and “tens of thousands of people have died as a result of nuclear power”.

―― Is this a form of brainwashing?

Master Okawa: Yes, and I believe an antidote is required to combat it.
For example, if freedom of information could have exposed something like the fact that at least 30 million people died in China during the ‘Cultural Revolution’, there would have been no ‘Rape of Nanking’.

―― Yes, that’s true.

Master Okawa: If so, it’d be understood that ‘China is a major murder state’.
Besides, how many citizens were killed in the former Soviet Union under Stalin? Even at the lowest estimates, it might have been at least 20 million people (one theory claims it was 60 million). Large numbers of citizens were sent to Siberia and killed, and I want the extent of the cruelty to be made known.

Now, the reality in North Korea is the same. To what extent have the citizens been mistreated and massacred under three generations of the Kims?

The point is, it wasn’t the Japanese who did it. To clarify that point, we need to get China and North Korea to allow the freedom of information for their citizens. We have to keep saying that countries with no freedom of information do not have the right to criticize Japan.

Therefore, if they say, ‘Japan is an evil country’, then it’s necessary to say, ‘You, too, must disclose the truth to your own citizens’.
How many people exactly died during the Tiananmen Square incident? Even that answer has never reported.

――You’re right, that was never reported.

Master Okawa: It couldn’t be reported. In reality, they didn’t know the number of people who died, and they didn’t even know who had been killed. It was all covered up. One theory claims that tens of thousands of people were killed – this is the kind of power behind a complete cover-up.

In 2011, there was an accident involving the rear-end collision and derailment of a high-speed train in China, but the surprising thing was that a hole was dug and the train was buried just as if there’d been no report of the accident. This caused a great surprise in Japan. Although there were still dead bodies inside the derailed train, a hole was dug and it was buried without any discussion. It was a primitive display of behavior produced from extreme savagery.

When the families of the victims visited the crash site, they poured out their tears and asked, “Are our loved ones not there?” They were turned away and told, “There’s nothing there. We’ve no idea. There’s no evidence.” The Chinese really hated it when foreign media turned up at the site.

Looking at something like that event, people can easily understand how there could be questions regarding China’s temperament.

We must make it clear that “for countries where ‘the right to know’ is not assured, for countries that have no freedom of information, there won’t be an endorsement of them as peaceful nations or an acknowledgement of their assertions.”

I shall be very happy if today’s spiritual message is of some use.

I am under the impression that Japan is now in an extremely precarious position. In perhaps 20 years from now, regardless of whether or not the same government will be in power, the administration of the Democratic Party of Japan has already decided its policy of ‘having no nuclear power by the 2030s.

This strategy, as I said in the beginning, is designed to weaken America, and is an idea that follows a scenario in which China will reign as the nuclear power in the future. I’d like to remind of you this threat.

――Yes. Thank you very much.

A Warning From Einstein – Is It Right to Abandon Nuclear Power? (Part 2)
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