“Were the Experiences of Comfort Women So Real That They Would Swear it Under Oath Before God?”
According to Former Comfort Women “The Testimony Up to This Point Has Been a Lie”

“The Japanese soldiers were wonderful. The Korean administrators were the ones that engaged in the violence.”

Kim Botton’s guardian spirit said that it must first inform the world of the evil of Japan. It added, “I am 87 years old. Before I die, I don’t want to be burdened with lies,” and the like, but she gradually revealed the ‘truth’.

With regard to the testimony that she herself made about being a comfort woman when she was 13 or 14 years old, she said,

“Because I could have gotten married at the age of 16 or older, and would have already been considered an adult and could not have gained any sympathy, I knew that if I said I was 11 or 13 I’d obtain it.”

From this comment, it became clear that she lied about her age.

In addition, with regard to her testimony that she was subjected to violence on a daily basis when people inquired into it, she said,

“The (Korean) administrators perpetrated the violence. The Japanese soldiers were wonderful. Sometimes, the North Koreans and Chinese unabashedly escaped without paying any money, so the administrators beat me on the buttocks with a stick and told me that I had to get the cash from them.

This remark made it clear that it was not in fact the Japanese, but the Koreans who engaged in violent behavior.

Later still, she let her true voice out more and more.

“The Japanese, after all, were devils, and it’s all right for Koreans to tell as many lies as they want. Any amount of lies is ok.”

“Our current actions have been subject to various forms of involvement from intelligence agencies under the direction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (of the Korean Government). After all, do you think an 87-year-old elderly woman could travel alone from Korea to Japan?


“An 11 year old prostitute is a very unlikely thing indeed. Doesn’t it seem foolish?”

When the guardian spirit of Kil Wonok, the next one summoned, was asked about the confusion over her age with regard to when she started her work as a comfort woman, i.e. was it from age 11 or 14, she answered the question in the following way:

“How would I know? It was around that time, I think.”

“An 11 year old prostitute? There’s no such thing. It’s really stupid, don’t you think?”

Although it’s true she contracted sexually transmitted diseases and had a hysterectomy, she confessed, “Because somebody told me it’d make a good story, I fabricated the involvement of Japanese army.” Here it’s also clear that there were performances to make the Japanese soldiers appear like the perpetrators.

“Prostitutes made about the salary of a sales group manager in a large company, so the job was attractive.”

“The Japanese were all honest in terms of their payments. The Koreans did not pay, and they were the people that beat me.”

The remarks of her guardian spirit exposed the truth.


Let Japan Be Resolute When It Confronts the Korean Government’s Creation of This Fabrication.

The words of the two guardian spirits were essentially the same in content.

That is to say, they were professional comfort women, and the Japanese did not forcibly transport them. They were not sold into what Americans call ‘sexual slavery’, and they had an income that was higher than what a general manager of a sales group in a large company made.

Therefore, their starting age was purposely falsified to be an age low enough to buy sympathy. Their Japanese customers were all wonderful, and their payments were good. On the other hand, the Korean administrators treated them violently. The Korean government has been responsible for everything about which she testified.

From the ground up, the words of the two women’s guardian spirits overturned the issue of ‘military comfort women’ on this occasion. Their experiences were nothing more than those of professional comfort women that private companies employed, and there was absolutely no justification for attacking Japan. Moreover, this entire problem was just the effort of the Korean government to disguise itself, and the new testimony of those two women has been revealed to be a ‘camouflage’ for a large-scale effort to demean Japan.

Japanese politicians and the mass media must discard the irresponsible ‘masochistic historical viewpoint’, and resolutely confront its neighboring countries.

What’s more, this spirit talk has revealed new truths on the following points.

  • Why Korea suddenly raised the issue of comfort women after the 1990s
  • What kind of power was being exercised behind the scenes
  • What kind of people created the comfort women issue in Japan
  • The actual ‘nationality’ of 90% of the Korean people
“Were the Experiences of Comfort Women So Real That They Would Swear it Under Oath Before God?”
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