Five Mysteries Concerning Jesus Christ (Part 2)


A Movement to Integrate Religions Quickens

History Rejected the True Portrait of Jesus

What has become evident is that the mainstream Christian Church of the past erased depictions of Jesus that differed from the Bible in order to place emphasis on its claim that “Jesus was the only son of God”.

For Christianity there was certainly good reason to do so since insisting on “the virgin birth” emphasized Jesus’ purity as “he was born without sin”, and strengthened its indestructible nature as a religion that transcended reason.
It is also a fact that Christianity has fulfilled its mission as a world religion via such things as putting love into practice.

On the contrary, it cannot be denied that the things Jesus learned from other religions such as Buddhism and spiritual teachings such as reincarnation have been excluded from the Bible, and there is vagueness about the god of love in whom Jesus truly believed.

If such points had been correctly handed down in Christianity, needless to say its later relationship with heretical sects and other religions, such as Islam, would have been managed differently.


The Religions of the World Have Reached a Major Turning Point

In the face of what is being called “a clash of civilizations”, what we need today so that different races and religions can coexist in peace is not mutual denunciations of heresy, but new global teachings that transcend their various differences and integrate their various creeds and values. In that sense, the religions of the world can be said to have reached a major turning point.

Trends such as The Da Vinci Code and its search through 2,000 years of history to find the true face of Jesus seem to denote clearly that a movement to reconsider the protrayal of religion has sped up in the Christian world as well.

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Five Mysteries Concerning Jesus Christ (Part 2)
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