Five Mysteries Concerning Jesus Christ (Part 1)

The Five Mysteries of Jesus’ Life

“The biblical Jesus” vs. “The non-biblical Jesus”

Generally speaking, there are five mysteries concerning the life of Jesus.

  1. Is the virgin birth true?
  2. What was he doing during the blank space of 17 years
    not covered in the Bible?
  3. Was he married?
  4. Did Jesus Christ teach the system of “reincarnation”?
  5. Who was the god who guided him?
    These questions are thrust forward by the heretical gospels (known as the Apocrypha) not used for the Bible. “The biblical Jesus” and “the non-biblical Jesus”. Which one is true?


1. “Born From a Virgin” vs. “Born From Normal Conjugal Relations”

According to the Apostles’ Creed common to both Catholics and Protestants, Jesus was conceived by the Holy Spirit upon the Virgin Mary and took human form. This is the bare minimum that must be believed by a Christian. However, archaeological discoveries which contradict this and the marriage customs peculiar to the Essenes, the sect to which Mary belonged, suggest that it is possible that Jesus was born from normal conjugal relations.


2. “His Entire Boyhood Was Spent In Nazareth” vs. “He In Fact Did Spiritual Training In Other Countries”

In the Gospel of Luke the 12-year old Jesus holds a theological argument with the rabbis in a temple at Jerusalem and astonishes them. However, there is no mention of his whereabouts after that. What did Jesus do from the age of 13 up until his reappearance in the Bible at the age of 30? Traditional Christianity maintains that he spent those years in the area around Nazareth, but oral traditions and ancient documents are continually being discovered which hold that Jesus did spiritual training in India and Tibet. Which is true?


3. “He Was Celibate Throughout His Life” vs. “He Was Actually Married”

In the Bible, it is emphasized that Jesus is the only Son of God, and that he was pure and celibate. However, there is an increasing amount of research that asserts that Jesus married Mary Magdalene and that they even had children. Strong proof of that is the Jesus of the Apocrypha, which was rejected as heresy. The portrait of Jesus oscillates between the Bible and the Apocrypha.


4. “He Denied the Idea of Reincarnation” vs. “He Taught the Idea of Reincarnation”

In Christianity the idea of reincarnation is considered heresy and is sometimes spoken of as the devil’s thinking. Is it true? Are there any remnants that suggest the opposite?


5. “Jesus Was Guided By the Judging Jewish God” vs. “He Was Guided By a Completely Different God”

Christianity was born from the womb of Judaism. Was the god that Jesus called “Our Father” the judging god Yahweh of Judaism and the Old Testament? There were some sects that in response to this question asserted, “The god in whom Jesus believed was a completely different god”.

4 B.C. Born in Bethlehem

9 A.D. Argues religion with the rabbis
            in a Temple in Jerusalem
        The so-called 17 blank years
27 Baptized by John
         Starts missionary work
30 Enters Jerusalem

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Five Mysteries Concerning Jesus Christ (Part 1)
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