Christianity vs. Islam (Part 9)
It Will Start With Belief in the God of the Earth, El Cantare

Why do Happy Science members call El Cantare the supreme God of the Earth?

The answer is in the teachings. When the teachings of a religion that believes in a God who can guide the world’s people to happiness more than the doctrines of any other religion, and they are not bound by ethnicity and period, then it is that religion that can best convey the mind of the supreme God.

Omar (not his real name), a Muslim living in a particular Islamic country, has recently started to study the teachings of Happy Science.
“I love Happy Science’s Fourfold Path (the four principles that make people happy) teaching,” he passionately says.

“People of the Muslim faith can well-understand basic teachings on ‘love’ from the Koran, but Master Okawa’s lectures are much greater because he shares his wisdom on things like other worldly knowledge of reincarnation and previous lives, politics, history, and philosophy. They have been crystallized here, and I believe is truly a manifestation of Happy Science’s principle of ‘wisdom’.

“Further, since so many Muslims feel frustrated with the current social issues, a way of attaining inner peace, like the Noble Eightfold Path preached in Happy Science’s ‘reflection’ teaching, should save a lot of people. This kind of teaching in also found in Islam, but it has become perfunctory and people no longer understand how to reflect themselves.

“Likewise, I have learnt that people, who do not aim for ‘progress’, cannot become happy. In Islamic society, the same problems keep recurring because principles for progress are not rooted in people’s way of life.”

For Fred Church, a native of Los Angeles, California, it has been six years since he abandoned his Catholic faith, and converted to Happy Science.
“I felt I was being criticized when I was told from a priest that I must repent because people are the children of sin, etc. So, I left the church. I was invited to a Happy Science gathering around that time, and when I was reading their scriptures, I discovered that Happy Science was what I had been looking for,” he says.

“What I was most drawn to was the ‘self-reflection’ teaching concerning self-responsibility. Being able to look at myself objectively with the eye of a third person has been a big change for me. I believe in the teachings of Master El Cantare, and my life has become richer from repeatedly studying Happy Science scriptures.”


What Needs To Be Done To Avoid Armageddon

To alleviate the conflicts between Christian and Islam civilizations, it is important to eliminate the envy that Muslims bear toward American society in particular. To do that, “it is necessary to adopt the ideology of self-reliance […] in Islamic teachings. This means, studying a little more, putting in a little more effort and being a little more inventive instead of attributing your poverty to God” (The Laws of Salvation).

Meanwhile, if the combat God Michael continues to influence the creation of hardline policies among the Jews and Christians, there will be a heightened risk of a nuclear fall out between Israel and Iran. To avoid such a perfect storm, “There needs to be a mediation by a more superior religion, with the aim of reconciliation. […] We believe that if we instill the teachings of Happy Science into the believers of the other existing world religions, we should be able to prevent the conflict between Christianity and Islam from developing into a full-scale Armageddon. At the same time, we need to keep working on to gradually build a new era. […] I think that striving to develop while getting along harmoniously as fellow religions is, naturally, the desirable way.” (ibid.)

Omar says, “If the surprising realities of life, revealed by Happy Science, spread globally, then I think that we can overcome the conflict that’s happening in the world today.”

Common faith in the God of the Earth, El Cantare and the universal human teaching “the Principles of Happiness” can provide a platform which would offer a nonviolent “millennium” during which religions could peacefully co-exist in harmony.

Christianity vs. Islam (Part 9)
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