Why We Can’t Wait
America Must Act to Bring Peace and Justice to the World

Master Ryuho Okawa delivered this lecture the day after he held an interview with the guardian spirit of the re-elected President Obama. (Its title is “Spiritual Interview With Re-elected President Obama” and a side-by-side, Japanese-English version has already been published in Japan. English version will be available in the middle of December.)

Since this lecture was given based on “Spiritual Interview With Re-elected President Obama,” we will summarize parts of the interview that relate to the lecture. [See Note 1]

  • President Obama’s main concern is to get the economy up and running. “Minimizing the unemployment rate” will be his first duty. “Creating one million jobs by next March is essential,” President Obama’s guardian spirit said.
  • In order to do this, his plan is to increase the tax rate more than 50 percent for the wealthy people, saying it is their mission to save the poor. Obama wants to distribute the money to the poor in order to increase the chances for them to receive a better education. Decreasing the military budget should also contribute to this cause, since it will enable a shift of resources that could help to pull people out of poverty.
  • In terms of economic growth, China is still a vital partner for the U.S., and President Obama does not appear to welcome the situation between Japan and China with regards to the Senkaku Islands. He thinks that the reconstruction of the American economy depends on friendship with China.
  • As Master Ryuho Okawa summed up at the end of this spiritual interview, what President Obama implies, in short, is that Japan must find a solution for the Takeshima Islets and the Senkaku Islands issues on its own, without depending on America.

That there may not be any nuclear war between China and the U.S., and that Mr. Obama will not be serving as the U.S. President after the next four years, does not mean he should remain indifferent to the rise of China. That is why, in the following lecture Master Ryuho Okawa reminded his audience of the role of America, stating, “America should be America.” The conclusion depends on the decisions that the President of the United States will make.

The following is an extract of the lecture titled “Why We Can’t Wait.”

[Note 1] Master Ryuho Okawa channeled these spiritual messages. However, please note that because of his high level of enlightenment, Master Okawa’s way of receiving spiritual messages is fundamentally different from other psychic mediums who undergo trances and are completely taken over by the spirits they are channeling.
Each human soul is made up of six soul siblings, one of whom acts as the guardian spirit of the person living on earth. People living on the earth are connected to their guardian spirits at their innermost, subconscious level. They are a part of the people’s very souls, and therefore, they are exact reflections of their thoughts and philosophies.
However, please note that these spiritual messages are the opinions of the individual spirits, and they may contradict the ideas or teachings of the Happy Science Group.

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1. President Obama Only Seeks Economic Growth and Is Unaware of China’s True Ambitions

Yesterday, I invited the guardian spirit of re-elected President, Obama, of the United States. His main concern was about the American economy. The relationship between the U.S. and China is very essential and hopeful, of course, in terms of economic thought. They think so; “they,” meaning the American people, think so.

The guardian spirit of Mr. Barack Obama did not know the real goal of this type of leader, Xi Jinping.

In China, the former or former-to-be-president Hu Jintao declared yesterday that their national GDP and personal income should be doubled in the ten-year period from 2010 to 2020. They want to compete with the United States of America. By then, they will possess the necessary power to threaten the United States. However, the guardian angel of Barack Obama was not thinking about it very much. National economic growth itself is not so bad, but the Chinese government is thinking of expanding their military along with economic growth. Military expansionism is their main point.


2. Materialistic Dictatorship That Denies the Existence of God Leads to Military Action

In China, they believe in materialism. Materialism combined with prosperity will lead to military action. They don’t think much of human rights because they don’t believe in the Buddha-nature or divine nature of people. That’s the difference between us and the Chinese people.

There are two groups of people in this world; one believes in God and believes in Buddha-nature or divine nature which is a basic human right; the other denies God, Buddha, angels and the afterworld. They can only think about this world.

That is why a materialistic dictatorship is very dangerous. It will not lead people to a happy world. So now, I dare say we Japanese people are not fascists; we only desire to realize world justice and the Justice of God in this world. The essence of materialism is the denying of God. This is the essence of materialism. Never give great power to those kinds of people. They are enemies of human rights.


3. America Must Act and Defend for the Countries That Are on the Verge of Being Invaded

Therefore, I would like to say that the United States of America should be the United States of America. America should be America. America should do what they have been doing. I sincerely ask Mr. Barack Obama not to forget Syria; Iran; Israel; China; the Senkaku islands, the Takeshima islands and all of Japan; the Philippines; Vietnam; and Australia. These countries are in peril – they are in danger of being intruded.

The conclusion depends on the decisions to be made by the President of the United States. He must be the decision-maker of the world. Japan and its people must assert the need for a stronger alliance between the United States and Japan. We must do this to protect the liberty and freedom from evil powers. The American president must never think only of profit and economic prosperity. America must keep world peace and world justice; and Japan must join them in carrying out this sacred deed.

My dream is to have our children enjoy real spiritual happiness. My dream is to have all people and children, in all countries, perceive this real spiritual happiness and recognize that the one and only Supreme God is loving the people of the world. Just accept this Truth – this is my desire. This is the reason why I chose to title this lecture “Why We Can’t Wait.” We don’t have enough time. We must change the direction in the next several years. We must decide what is right and what is wrong. We must differentiate sacred from evil. This is the mission of Happy Science. Thank you very much.


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Why We Can’t Wait
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