An Exclusive Report That Puts an End to the Controversy Over the Nanking Massacre and Comfort Women


Master Ryuho Okawa’s Viewpoint After the Spiritual Message

The World Coolly Views the ‘Self-Centred’ Nation

Master: As reported in the Yomiuri newspaper, with government-incited demonstrations, effected through bribery and the skillful utilization of the army, the self-centred nation has been putting on a show.

How does the outside world analyse China after taking a cool, calm, and collected look at it? Well, it feels as if China can’t stand up to the scrutiny.
So to become one of the world’s strongest countries, to join the elite, China has to clear the next hurdle if it wants to proceed.

China Cannot Defend Their ‘Anti-Japanese Activities’ Anymore: Their Claims Are Baseless

Master: In the Opium Wars that lasted about two years from 1840 to 1842, various places were ceded to Europe and held. It all started from the opium that came from Europe, which made many addicts. The opium was then domestically produced. The money was siphoned off. The addicts couldn’t pay, they drowned in debt, and they gave up their land. Everything transpired according to the Europe’s strategy.

I believe they need to look back at what brought about these outcomes. With the large number of drug addicts created, didn’t the desire for opium involve various people being ripped off, bank treasures and even land being stolen away, and the place becoming a colony? I think that it came down to sheer stupidity. Well, it maybe wise for the Chinese people of today to reflect on it…

: That’s right, yes.


At about the time of the Boxer Rebellion, the Japanese Army was trusted. If responsibility was bestowed upon the Japanese public, civil order was fine, because it was an age when international trust prevailed.

Well, the tables are now turned, and China is doing their best to advertise the fact. They should perhaps give the matters of their undisciplined country a little reflection.

: Yes, I think it’s necessary for them to learn from their history too.

: I have a very strong feeling that the Chinese people cannot defend their ‘anti-Japanese activities’ anymore since their claims are baseless.

Master: Well, if one reference exists, I think I’ll be happy.
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An Exclusive Report That Puts an End to the Controversy Over the Nanking Massacre and Comfort Women
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