An Exclusive Report That Puts an End to the Controversy Over the Nanking Massacre and Comfort Women


The So-Called ‘Nanking Incident’ Never Took Place

—If that is so, I’d now like to ask Master Cayce whether the story, the so-called Nanking Incident, really took place?

Cayce: Nothing at all happened.

—Just a minute now… um… Master, the photos showing dead bodies washed ashore from rivers… where on earth were they taken?

Cayce: I think those photographs were taken somewhere else.

These look like the numerous photographs taken of corpses when killings took place during the civil war between army of Chiang Kai-shek’s Republic of China and Mao Zedong’s Communist army.

Then, not to mention the photographs showing women that had been raped or mistreated, I think that it’s not quite right.

You know, these photos were made for purpose of advertisements for the shops of the adult entertainment industry.

— So you mean the incident was fabricated…


The Impetus Behind the ‘Nanking Massacre’: It Was Necessary in Order to Justify the Atomic Bombings of Japan

— Finally, I’d like to ask you who fabricated this Nanking Incident that never ever took place?

Cayce: I think that it was necessary to act against the Japanese army, to drop two atomic bombs, to conduct those incendiary bombings, to kill more than 200,000 men in the Battle of Okinawa – Those war criminals required legitimacy for those things, and by all means, it would have been bad for the war criminals if they hadn’t made the Japanese out to be evil.

— So are you implying that the evidence submitted to the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal was false?

Cayce: Something like that recently happened, say for example with the Gulf War testimony, one could easily find that kind of false evidence. I think it surfaced in the end.

As for our side, the people of Japan do not logically refute opinion via so-called debate, which was and still is a bad habit of the Japanese.

“Defeated generals should not make any excuses,” is an old saying that symbolizes this Japanese virtue.

The generals on the losing side, no matter what’s done to them, no matter what’s said to them, should be already prepared to die. This Japanese attitude has allowed China manipulate the facts for its own gain.


At the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal, Many Components Were Fabricated Quickly in Order to ‘Put on a Show’

—Not many people at the time gave evidence, so the lies surrounding the Nanking Incident never appeared during the Nanking occupation.

Cayce: Exactly, they didn’t.

— It wasn’t until after the end of the war that it started to be propagated, wasn’t it?

Cayce: It was propagated after the war had ended. I think that at the time of the Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal various things were rapidly starting to be fabricated.

—America was involved in that too, wasn’t it?

Cayce: Absolutely. As if to make sure they would be considered justified for their war crimes, they were involved in this fabrication.

During the war in the Pacific, when Japan was the enemy, I lived in America. Since I died before the end of the war, and I lived through that same period (died on January 3, 1945), I understood it for the most part. Remember Pearl Harbour; this was a slogan that reminded the American people of how evil Japanese people were. Campaigns existed, and the Americans made propaganda films, intending to fabricate such a lot of things.

As for some of the perpetrators of this kind of activity, one turned out to be the sister of Sung Mei-ling, Chiang Kai-shek’s wife.

She went to various places to give lectures and gain sympathy – She greatly influenced America. It was believed, that at that time, she spread the story of how the Japanese army committed a massacre.

During the last Gulf War, I think video images existed of birds completely covered in oil, and a testimony appeared from a girl that claimed many infants were killed. But it was later found that the girl, who gave that evidence, actually appeared to be the daughter of the U.S. Ambassador to Kuwait.

I think the fabrication was done on a large scale, produced in a way that made the Japanese army seem like a swarm of devils. Well, compared to fighting that occurred in other places, I think that the Nanking occupation was actually carried out in a truly well organised and peaceful manner.

There were thinkers among the conservative Japanese who said, “There was no Nanking Incident,” and the actual level of suffering was a lot less than most people believed.

— Less

Cayce: A lot less.


Cayce: Even some conservative thinkers in Japan believed that the number of dead people was from a few thousand to ten or twenty thousand, but the death toll was not that high.

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An Exclusive Report That Puts an End to the Controversy Over the Nanking Massacre and Comfort Women
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