2012: Exorcize “Obama’s Curse”
- Chief Editor's Column, December 2011 Issue

The year 2012 is going to be full of turbulence both in international politics and on a universal scale. Essentially, the U.S., world’s super-power, will cause the most drastic change. The key to understanding this is to grasp the objective that U.S. President Barack Obama has in his sub-consciousness.

A spiritual reading by Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science has revealed the profile of Obama’s guardian spirit, or his past lifetime recorded in his subconscious mind (2012: Will the World Really End?). It turned out that Montezuma, last king of the Aztec Empire, is the spiritual figure who is largely influencing Obama from deep inside his mind.

Obama’s previous lifetime: the last king of the Aztec

Credit: AP/Afro

Killed by Hernando Cortez, Spanish conquistador, the tragic king Montezuma witnessed the destruction of his Aztec Empire. Among the Aztec, there was a legend passed down for generations that the white god Quetzalcoatl would resurrect in 1519. This made Montezuma pledge to Cortez: “I will obey you, and revere you as my Lord,” mistaking the invader for the white god who was believed to reemerge in that year.

When the conquistador forced the imprisoned king to subdue the uprising his people attempted, a mob threw a stone that happened to strike the king’s head and he was killed.

Even today, Mexicans long remember this tragic death of Montezuma as part of the history of Western colonialism. When a Westerner has diarrhea in Mexico, it is called the “Curse of Montezuma.”

“I’ll trigger the world’s end”

Montezuma’s spiritual testimonies published in 2012: Will the World Really End? are summarized as follows: “Those white people have committed a number of wrongdoings motivated by their sense of racial superiority,” “I’ll trigger the world’s end in 2012,” “White supremacy will end next year (2012).”

Other past lifetimes of Mr. Obama include an Indian tribal head whose tribe was extinguished by white people (“Obama: Tragic Reincarnations,” printed in The Liberty February 2009 issue).

There was a black pastor who gave spiritual guidance to Mr. Obama when he was in his twenties while he was working in a slum in Chicago. Obama was moved to tears at the very first opportunity to listen to his pastor’s radical sermon, where he shouted, “May the curse be on America!”

Obama turned the U.S. into a welfare state

Mr. Obama turned the U.S. into a welfare state and tries to abandon the U.S. role as the "world's policeman" as a consequence. Is this the curse of the last Aztec king Montezuma, previous lifetime of Obama? Credit:AP/Afro

What does Montezuma mean by “trigger”?

The current situation of the fiscal crisis is forcing the U.S. to cut its defense budget by $100 billion annually over the next ten years. The magnitude of this spending cut is so enormous that “the U.S. military will be forced to shrink its foreign deployment” (Deputy Secretary of Defense). The credibility of the U.S. dollar could also be in danger since military power has functioned as the guarantee that backs up the value of the currency.

The urgency of such a massive budget cut in defense is attributed to the ballooning cost of social security. In addition to the mass retirement of the Baby-boomers, Mr. Obama has increased expenditures for those with low levels of income, including the Obama-care which will cost approximately $900 billion over ten years.

Since the president swore three and a half years ago, the Obama Administration has transformed the U.S. from a nation of self-help into a welfare state.

Consequently, the U.S. is forced to retreat from its role as the “policeman of the world.” The trigger has already been pulled in the sense that it is Mr. Obama who created this trend.

Hope for humankind is within Japan

Things seem to be similar in Japan in terms of fiscal deficits driven by the increasing social welfare cost. The Ministry of Finance and Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda head toward tax increases by propagating the premise that “the fiscal situation of Japan is worse than that of the U.S. and Greece.”

Nevertheless, the fundamental difference between the U.S. and Greece and Japan is that social security systems in the U.S. and Greece rely on the borrowing from foreign countries. This is why Greek people can receive their generous pension worth as much as 95% of their working-age salary.

Japan’s case is a domestic problem where “a decadent son (government) is borrowing money from his dad (citizens).” This situation should be differentiated from the real fiscal crises of the U.S. and Greece.

If “Montezuma’s (Obama’s) curse” is to accomplish his revenge on white dominance of the world, Japan does not need to dive into that mess.

Rather, Japan has the power to create a new age while holding back the U.S. decline. The year 2012 must be a one to declare: “The end of the world will not come” and: “Hope for humankind is within Japan” thus wiping out the Mayan prophecy that human history ends in December 2012.

(Jiro Ayaori)

2012: Exorcize “Obama’s Curse”
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