3 Years under Obama: America is being Japanized

Obama is rejecting his country’s greatest strengths

Master Okawa’s views on this had not changed on September 16th 2009, nine months after the Obama Administration rose to power. (see quote below)

In September last year (2008), President Obama held a rather fanatic speech at Wall Street, the financial heart of the US. He attacked Wall Street, and, as I see it, basically expressed the opinion that “The American Dream has gone wrong.” And “Getting rich quick at Wall Street is a mistake.“

The reason he expressed such views may be that his political ideas can be categorized as extremely left wing, even inside the American Democratic spectrum. In my opinion he does not have a firm grasp of how Wall Street functions, which means that his evaluation is incorrect. In a way, he is rejecting the United States’ greatest strengths. The US excels in the financial and military areas. President Obama is rejecting both.

As I said before, what he is doing is Japanizing the US. This is clearly what he has in mind. He is trying to establish a system of compulsive national insurances and pension schemes – a system that has already broken down in Japan – but Americans are afraid that their precious freedom may be at risk, and there has been a lot of resistance to this inside the U.S. Currently, the U.S. citizens have the freedom to enter insurance schemes at their own discretion. They do not appreciate being forced into things by the state.

If a country pursues freedom to the extreme, its citizens may pile up a fortune or drop dead on the street – both scenarios are equally possible. If a country pursues equality to the extreme, everybody will be the same, regardless of their efforts, and the state will take care of everything. These are the extremes at both ends of the spectrum: pursuing equality, and pursuing freedom. This is why sometimes, adjustments need to be made to let neither side spin out of control. The Obama Administration is steering the US onto a path Japan is already pursuing.

In our monthly Happy Science publication “The Liberty”, we revealed that President Obama’s previous incarnations included the last king of Central America who was overthrown by the Spanish, and a native American chief, among others. It makes sense that their most recent incarnation, born into the modern United States, would think like Obama does. To a certain degree, Obama rejects the Imperialist drive of his country. This is why he also rejects its greatest strengths. In my opinion, he is entering dangerous territory with this. (end of quote)

Master Okawa recognized early that the United States are displaying strong tendencies of Japanization. This could be a useful tool when trying to predict the achievements of the Obama administration. The Supreme Court’s decision on whether ObamaCare is constitutional or not will also be an assessment of whether or not the United States’ current tendencies of Japanization can be reconciled with the American spirit of freedom. In the presidential elections 2012, we will see Americans judge whether they are willing to leave their country in the hands of somebody who rejects its two greatest strengths for another four years.

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3 Years under Obama: America is being Japanized
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