3 Years under Obama: America is being Japanized

Integration and equality are already a reality in Japan

This is not only true for the national health care system. In a lecture given on February 11th 2009, right after the Obama Administration had been installed, Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science said Obama was subconsciously trying to turn the US into a country similar to Japan. (see quote below)

Obama is calling for change and has chosen his cabinet to achieve this. The US is trying to change, and I have been keeping an eye on the direction of these gradual changes since the election campaign.

If you ask me what is going to happen in the United States, I believe that the whole country is undergoing a process of Japanization. As of today, February 11th 2009, nobody, including the media, has really talked about this yet.

But what Obama is trying to achieve is truly Japanization. Subconsciously, Obama is trying to Japanize his country. You only need to look at his policies.

His policies are based on integration and making equality a palpable reality. The principles that are the foundation of his policy making have been put into practice in Japan for a long time. Achieving integration, eliminating differences in status, and creating a homogenous society is something that Japan is already successfully putting into practice. President Obama is steering his country towards the path Japan has walked to arrive where it is today.

As the first black president of the United States, elevating the status of blacks and others who have been discriminated against through the ages is part and parcel of Obama’s mission. And it will be put into practice. The objective would have to be to create a standardized country like Japan, where anybody has a chance to succeed. I don’t think Obama himself is aware of this, but what he would ideally like to achieve is turning the US into a country similar to Japan. (end of quote)


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3 Years under Obama: America is being Japanized
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