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Master Okawa:
a prolific author of great wisdom and love

Master Okawa presenting a bookMaster Okawa presenting a new book.

Master Okawa has authored over 800 titles including his foundational work, “The Laws of the Sun,” and is continuing to publish more at an astonishing rate. Many of his titles have reached the bestseller list; some even selling into their millions. His books, written in a simple style, cover a variety of subjects such as life views, family issues, healing, business management, science, politics, economics, history, world affairs, and truths about the Spirit World and the universe. His books are translated into many languages to reach as wide an audience as possible, including English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi, Chinese, Nepali, Korean, Russian, Lithuanian and Bulgarian.

A comprehensive understanding of spiritual Truth

What distinguishes Ryuho Okawa from any other best-selling author is his comprehensive understanding of the mind, human history and the great universe. Even expounding on profound and, oftentimes, complicated themes, he writes in a considered style that can be easily understood by people of all backgrounds and ages. The teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha were likened to “Eighty-Four Thousand Dharma Doors” for their sheer quantity and diversity, but, within a mere thirty years, Master Okawa has already superseded the rate at which Buddha had revealed Dharma teachings 2500 years ago.

The core of Happy Science’s teachings are in the Laws Trilogy:
The Laws of the Sun, The Golden Laws and The Laws of Eternity

The Laws trilogy was written in 1986 and represents the core teachings of the Happy Science.

Happy Science Trilogy.The Happy Science Trilogy.

The Laws of the Sun” is the fundamental book of Happy Science and the sacred scripture of the coming age. It reveals the origin of life, reveals the developmental stages of love and the structure of enlightenment. The rise and fall of past civilizations on earth, and the true mission of Lord El Cantare are revealed for the first time in the human history.

The Golden Laws” outlines the lives of great figures in history, and reveals the common golden thread that has been woven throughout all major thought systems, philosophies and religions. In this book, Ryuho Okawa reveals the secrets of time, and predicts the future of humankind for the next millennium.

The Laws of Eternity” explains the laws of space. It unveils the mysteries of the multi-dimensional structure and the true nature of the spirit world.

The Science of Happiness book:
10 principles to manifest your divine nature

The Science of Happiness.The Science of Happiness.

The Science of Happiness” is a recent publication in English. It presents 10 essential principles: Happiness, Love, Mind, Enlightenment, Progress, Wisdom, Utopia, Salvation, Reflection, and Prayer, which are keys to bringing happiness and spiritual growth to every individual which can lead to the transformation of the whole of society. In this book, Master Okawa also reveals other extraordinary spiritual truths, such as the secrets of the ancient continents of Mu and Atlantis, and the structure of the spirit world.

Expressing Truth using his creativity in movies, music and poetry…

Master Okawa is also an Executive Producer and script writer of full-feature-length movies such as “The Terrifying Revelations of Nostradamus” (1994), “Hermes – Love Blows Like the Wind” (1997), “The Laws of the Sun” (2000), “The Golden Laws” (2003), “The Laws of Eternity” (2006) and “The Rebirth of Buddha” (2009). The last six films have all been shown at public theatres around the country, and have proved to be a revelation and life-changing experience for many viewers. Currently, the next movie, “The Final Judgement” (2012), is in production. Master Okawa also has a talent for writing poetry which are published regularly in the Happy Science Monthly as ‘Guide for the Mind’ articles, and has written the lyrics for “Challenge for Enlightenment” – the main soundtrack of the movie “The Rebirth of Buddha”. With such diverse forms of media available in the modern world, Master Okawa uses his creativity to convey the Truth in many forms in order to reach a wider audience.

2009: The Laws of Creation book

The Laws of Creation.The Laws of Creation.

Late 2009, Master Okawa released a new book, “The Laws of Creation”, where he shares the secrets of creativity in which he, himself, applies to his own busy life. He encourages readers to “cast away yesterday’s success”, “break new grounds for further creation” and “create new values for this world”. This book is further proof of Master Okawa’s enthusiasm and compassion to bring happiness to all humanity by nurturing new geniuses who will be catalysts for a new civilization.

2011: The Laws of Salvation book

The Laws of Creation.The Laws of Salvation.

This book is the first ‘Laws Series‘ for the start of 2011 and offers salvation for humanity living in the 21st century that spans into the future that accommodates the upcoming era of the ‘Space Age’.

Available at your local Happy Science center and temple only.

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