Fighting Against Efforts That Obstruct the Freedom to Pursue the Path to God and Buddha
"Revolution of Freedom"

Happy Science is a religion that values freedom and tolerance. In Master Ryuho Okawa’s teachings, the freedom to choose one’s own path to improve oneself and choose a better life towards God is taught. The Happiness Realization Party, which is rooted in Happy Science, envisions a “great nation of freedom,” and is poised to fight political forces and those who spread ideologies that seek to oppress freedom.


What Obstructs Freedom?

At present, the rise of a militant China threatens Japan’s freedom. In China, not only are the freedoms of speech and government criticism suppressed, persecution of religious freedom, based on a national policy of materialism and atheism, occurs on a daily basis.

In this sermon, Master Okawa assesses the current international situation by pointing out that if excessive pressure is applied on Russia vis-à-vis the Ukrainian issue, “Russia, China, and the Islamic world may connect to create a new cold war”, and that “it is likely that Japan will lose Okinawa to China”. Japan, therefore, should work to make sure that US-Russia relations do not become strained.

Master Okawa also spoke out against the increase in the Japanese consumption tax which rose to 8% this April. A consumption tax that is applied multiple times during the commodity distribution process stifles the flow of goods through the economy, and becomes a significant burden to businesses. He points out that there ought to be a choice between accepting a high-tax welfare state where the government looks after the individual, and one where individual liberties are valued and protected by minimizing the burden of taxation.

In the end, he calls for “a ‘revolution of freedom’, where the individual’s spiritual liberty and the freedom to walk the path toward God are assured by removing the obstacles that suppress freedom”.

Fighting Against Efforts That Obstruct the Freedom to Pursue the Path to God and Buddha
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