Thinking That Attracts Wealth (Part 1): Attracting Limitless Wealth

The Question:

I have a question on enlightenment about wealth. How can I bolster up my ability to attract wealth in my life? I have been trying to change the way I think about life, my things, and myself, but my spiritual practice does not seem to maintain my bright, cheerful mood well.


Master Okawa’s Answer:

1. Think of Everything as a Seed for Your Success and Aim to Improve Yourself

To tell you the truth, I didn’t spend a single yen to create Happy Science. When I quit the company I was working at nearly 30 years ago, I thought about capital for creating a religion and, despite being single, I had three or four million yen in retirement benefits and savings. However, several years after I started Happy Science, my deposit book emerged and I was surprised to find I had so much money.

I didn’t touch that money at all when I established Happy Science, and it has increased ever since. In company terms, this has already become an order with about as much as the combined assets of a company with an annual turnover of several hundred billion yen.

How I achieved this, and I said it in the afterword of Think Big! (I wrote the book, and IRH Press published it), was by thinking big. I was also being positive. It is always very important to think positively and also to be constructive.
The world is such that if you think about taking a bad way, you could do any possible amount of bad things. But instead think about everything imaginable as being a seed for success.

Then, no matter how often you feel overpowered, the speed with which you can recover will increase. Even if you think that you are a failure, see it as a chance to make the most out of a bad situation or to learn something from the shortfall.

Further, when you always find something extra to do at work and add to it, making an effort to do things better, it will be seen by those around you. For example, if a manager thinks, and continues to send this message to himself, “Tomorrow I will do better than today, the day after I will do better than tomorrow, and next year I will do better than this year,” it will definitely become recognized by others.
You will invariably grow if you aim to improve yourself while thinking brightly, constructively, and positively. This progress will definitely be followed by an increase in salary.


2. If You Do a Job That Serves People, Then You Will Inevitably Amass Wealth.

For both individuals and companies, if you want to increase your earnings, basically if you want to attract wealth, improve services for other people. From your standpoint, increase your appeal, and have charm that attracts others.

At any rate, if you do something useful for others, you will save money. Losing money means you are not doing something for others. If you do something to benefit people, and this gradually accumulates, or if you increasingly become more useful, then you will definitely grow in wealth.

Furthermore setting goals will make you do even better. If you put your goals up, and at the same time work towards achieving them while thinking big, being positive, and being constructive towards them, you will inevitably become rich.

There is no such thing as doing a job that is useful for others and not being recognized in the world. Besides, in a job that is useful to others, if you are constantly thinking about improving, instead of simply doing the same thing over and over again, then your job responsibilities will definitely grow. If your wealth gets bigger, then your job will also increase in size and the organization will also develop. This is an eternal truth.

If you are always thinking about doing a job that is only useful to others, then no matter what the occupation, you will absolutely be successful.

For example, you may say that in roles like that of public servant, results at work are currently not related to salary. However, the government is now trying to raise taxes, but if public servant service is better, then it may be able to raise them more smoothly. Even if they don’t raise taxes, the citizens will at least be energized and a possibility will exist to raise them in the future.

So, this thinking is the same all over the world. Do something that is useful for people. If someone requests something, do your utmost to provide it. If you work at achieving this, everything will move favorably. Wealth will circulate and amass for a person who needs it. Wealth, if entrusted to that person, will invariably amass with someone for whom there will be an even better circulation.

It will definitely be fine. Wealth, limitless. There’s no doubt about it.

Thinking That Attracts Wealth (Part 1): Attracting Limitless Wealth
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