Is Birth Control Against the Will of God? (Part 2)
----The Spiritual Truths about Pregnancies and Abortions----

Filipino legislators passed a bill on Monday, December 17th that provides government funding for contraceptives and sex education in schools, despite strong opposition from the Roman Catholic Church.

This legislation will help the country’s poorest women gain access to birth control pills and other forms of contraceptives that have usually been kept out of the community health centers and clinics by the local governments and the officials of the Catholic Churches.

Due to high birth rates in this poor nation, in which 80 percent of the population is Catholic, the Aquino administration repeatedly stated that the bill is meant to address poverty, women’s rights, maternal mortality, and the overpopulation issue rather than birth control.

Opponents of this bill, like the powerful members of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference, say that contraception is akin to abortion. However, to know why contraception is allowed, but abortion is prohibited, we must understand the spiritual side of the mechanisms of pregnancy and the results caused by abortions.

To get a clue regarding the extent that we, as human beings, are allowed to take measures in relation to contraception in order to wage war against poverty, we’d like to introduce Master Ryuho Okawa’s teachings on the mechanisms of pregnancies and abortions.

The following is a Q and A session that should provide some basic answers on this subject. However, we have to note that the following is only a small part of Master Okawa’s lectures on the subject and just a piece of the Q and A session that Master Ryuho Okawa delivered. In addition, we’d like to remind our readers that Happy Science truly respects the same family values that the Catholic Church proposes.



What do I need to know if I want to have a child?


Master Ryuho Okawa’s Answer:

Children Are Born Because They Plan to Live

Let me explain. A child’s body may be small, but a fully grown soul lives inside this little body. Of course the souls of parent and child have a certain connection, but as souls, they are also separate entities. It is important for you to acknowledge this fact. Children, born into this world, plan to live and to find happiness for themselves.


Please Avoid Abortion

The first thing I would like to say in this context is, if at all possible, please avoid abortion.

As I said before, after the third month of pregnancy, a soul moves into the fetus’s body. This soul inhabits the fetus with the intention to polish itself through life on earth. At this point, an abortion would ruin its honorable mission to live and to evolve.

In some cases, the poor souls, that have become victims of abortion, do not manage to find their way back into the other world and get lost on earth. They aimlessly drift about. Even if they find their way back to the other world, it can take them twenty years to reclaim their original form as souls.
Their honorable plans to polish themselves and evolve are definitely hampered in the case of abortion. Every year almost 1 million women terminate their pregnancies. This wreaks serious havoc to the unborn children’s carefully crafted cycle of rebirth.

Abortions are also one of the reasons many men and women fail to get married. Sometimes, there is a promise between two souls to unite in marriage during their next life on earth, but then one of them becomes a victim of abortion and cannot keep this promise.

When the soul, that is to be the husband, is born 5 years before the soul that is to be his wife, and that soul becomes the victim of abortion, the husband-to-be loses his righteous wife. This type of incident has dire consequences.

Please be aware that abortions are the reason many people never manage to get married, and the reason more and more married couples are unable to have children together.

If at all possible, please avoid abortion.

Of course there are many unfortunate circumstances under which abortion can be tolerated. If people suffer financial hardships, for example, or if the pregnancy endangers the mother, or if it is the result of criminal conduct, then abortion may be unavoidable. However, if a loving couple is granted the honor to have a child, it is my firm belief that they should grant their child the right to live and lovingly raise the boy or girl.

(“How to Find Happiness”, Chapter 5: Raising Children is Wonderful!)
Is Birth Control Against the Will of God? (Part 2)
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