Do Not Blame Other Countries, When the Political Outcome Is Bad:
“Believing in Each Other”

3. Overcome Difficulties with the Power of Faith

“The Legend” is a long story so I don’t mean to recommend that you watch the entire series. But there is one point worth noting.

In a conversation between Damdeok, the king of Goguryeo, and his sweetheart Sujini, played by Lee Ji-ah, Sujini tells Damdeok, “A king cannot fulfill his duty unless he is strong enough to get over his mental anguish in a day, no matter how deeply he has been hurt.” There are scenes where Damdeok recalls this and reflects on what he ought to do. These words are meant for a political leader, but we can certainly learn from this too.

Certainly, when a war is waged, a king has to make major decisions. Even in a righteous war, when an order is given, tens of thousands of people will die, both enemies and allies. Political decisions are extremely weighty so it must be very painful for the king.

However, a king must withstand that pain, the sadness, loneliness and sense of responsibility; he must get over these mental wounds in a day, otherwise he is not fit to be king.

This is not about religion but, in a sense, these are words of enlightenment.
I dare say to you.

You are now studying the Truth and, as I said at the start of my talk, the most important thing in studying the Truth is to believe in the true world, the world of God and Buddha, and His teachings.

No matter how much you worry, anguish or are hurt, through the power of this faith, I want you to recover from it in a day. If you have true faith, you must have this strength. This, too, is the power of enlightenment.

If you are a true believer, if you have true faith, you can recover from any painful event, without fail.

You cannot overcome such difficulties with doubt. You must overcome your problems by believing, not by doubting.

This world is a temporary one. It is a small one. The Earth itself is small. There is a vast universe beyond this small Earth. There is a multi-dimensional universe. It is ruled by those who are called Buddha, or God, or high spirits. This world is just a small school for life training. You must know these truths.

As part of this life training, we experience being born into various races, believing various religions and speaking various languages. These are challenges prepared for your soul training.

So I want you to understand that even if nothing goes right in this world, that is not the bottom line.

Your ultimate goal in being born into this world is not to be recognized for great deeds in this world alone. Only when you return to the other world, will your deeds be rightly evaluated.


4. There Are No National Borders in Helping Others

Go beyond the differences of race and seek the universal Truth

Just as “Winter Sonata” sparked a craze for the idea of “innocent love,” “The Legend” will help to establish a basis for people to accept, as a matter of fact, things related to the spirit world.

In this meaning, Korea and Japan must now stop hating or resenting one another, or stirring up the wounds from the past. We must transcend history and open up a path for the future.

I imagine that many times in your missionary work, you will encounter people who say, “I can’t believe in Happy Science because it’s a religion from Japan.” But you must overcome this.

It can be overcome by a single concept such as reincarnation. Although some people are always reborn into the same ethnic group, it is a fact of life that most of us are born into many different countries and experience various nationalities and religions. Once we know this fact, we must stop clinging to a single outlook or way of thinking.

This is the first time that I have been born Japanese. My consciousness is quite international so I tend to think about things on a global level.
I want you, who have studied the Truth, to transcend racial consciousness and strive to find out what the universal Truth is.

Happy Science is trying to become a guiding principle for the world

Going beyond prejudice and resentment toward Korea, the Japanese are now at a stage where they can simply recognize what is good as good. Please know that, although it originated in Japan, the religion named Happy Science is trying to become a guiding principle for the world.

Overcome hatred with the power of mercy

I want to spread the teachings of Happy Science in both China and South Korea, and approach North Korea from both sides. North Korea is hemmed in between China and South Korea and is now suffering deeply. But they, too, will need principles that can save them.

How can we save them? Something spiritual is needed. Some power must work to unite us.

What is the power to unite us? It is the power of love, the power to love. It is love. Only the power of love can bring us together.

When there is only hostility and hatred, countries oppose one another and split apart. It is the power of love that can overcome such things. We also need the power of forgiveness. At the root of love and forgiveness lies the power of believing.

To put it in Buddhist terms, it is the power of mercy.

There are many ways to enlightenment, and mercy is one way. Developing your compassion is also the way to become a Bodhisattva.

That’s why it is really important to lend a hand to save people who are troubled, anguished or suffering.

I ask you to say the right words and take the right actions. Please help other people.

It is your duty to save the people of North Korea, because you are one race.

In the past, Gwanggaeto the Great unified the country by force but today we have other ways of uniting. The country must be united through a different dimension. To achieve that, we need a spiritual principle. The two countries must be united by some spiritual principle.

I believe the teachings of Happy Science are capable of uniting them.

Happy Science offers new teachings of Buddhism for the Korean Peninsula, China, India, and for South-East Asia. It also contains teachings of love, going beyond the mistaken aspects of Christianity. I now have a vision of it spreading around the world from the Pacific region.

Happy Science is neither racist nor nationalistic. When it comes to helping people, national borders do not exist.

I strongly believe that we now need a philosophy to save and help improve all people from the perspective that we are fellow humans, the same citizens of Earth.
This is my lecture for today. Thank you very much.

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