Fight With ‘Wisdom’ and ‘Justice’ When Dealing With the Hegemonic State of China

5. China will establish missile bases on the Senkaku islands after occupying them

Left-wing people easily say, “Please abandon the sovereignty over the islands; it will lead to the friendships between Japan and other countries. We can be friends from now on.” This can sometimes be seen in the religious type of people; they easily surrender and abandon their rights.

These small islets near Taiwan, they will come very close to taking Taiwan. The Chinese government wanted to take Taiwan in over the last several decades, but the Republic of China’s (Taiwanese) Army is very strong. If the U.S. forces assist Taiwan, China will not be able to conquer Taiwan. Also, we have the Japan Self-Defense Force (JSDF). If the Japanese attitudes were to change and a collective defense systems were to be conducted by two countries, it would be a big headache for China.

However if these scenarios do not go well and the Chinese government succeeds in occupying the Senkaku islands, then they will certainly set up missile facilities on these small islands. These missile facilities, of course, will be able to launch missiles to Taiwan, South Korea, Okinawa and other parts of Japan, and the Philippines and other Asian countries as well.

So, although these are small islands, the Japanese government cannot abandon their sovereignty over them.

We have Article 9 in our Japanese Constitution that prohibits settling diplomatic conflicts through invasion of other countries and war. Hence, we the Japanese can do nothing but issue our rights.

On the other hand, the Chinese people can do anything. That is why the Senkaku Islands issue is not a minor one. They pretend to insist that this is only an energy problem, but in fact their strategy goes far beyond the energy issue. This is how their military policy progresses further.

What they are thinking is the two great countries in virtual war; a virtual war between China and the United States of America.

Thus, although this problem may seem small, it is a great matter if you look at it in the long run. If we lose our rights over the Senkaku islands and China invades Taiwan, we will be unable to get crude oil via supertankers from western Arabic countries. This means we will not be able to produce electricity from thermal power using crude oil, which is collected from oilfields.


6. No one died from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant: the real cause of disaster was the Tsunami

We have another crisis in Japan. We experienced a great disaster in eastern part of Japan last year and then there occurred the Fukushima Daiichi problem. There was an accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant and the anti-nuclear power movement prevailed.

The Happiness Realization Party is the only party insisting that nuclear power plants are very important. The accident at the Fukushima Daiichi NPP was miserable for the Japanese people, but there were no deaths as a result of that accident. This accident was caused by the great tsunami. There was a magnitude 9.0-grade, enormous earthquake as well. It has a 600-year return period. That is the kind of length of time between these great earthquakes.

The real cause of this accident was the malfunction of the emergency generators. It was the malfunction of the emergency electric generators designed to automatically cool the nuclear reactors. The electric generators were damaged by the powerful waves of the tsunami. This was a sad accident. It was not the problem of the nuclear facility itself.

The European and American people, or people of other countries misunderstand about that. It was not the problem of radioactive or nuclear power facilities. It was simply the generators; a small problem. If these facilities were set up more than 20 meters high, there would not have been such an accident. It was not the nuclear facilities’ fault.

The Japanese designers thought about that at first. They designed the generators, the electric generators, at a higher place, more than 40 meters above sea level. But an American engineer advised that it was not necessary, and that just 10 meters high was enough. There should not occur a tsunami of more than 10 meters in height, so it’s OK. That is what they said. Therefore, the hill was lowered to make a flat surface, and that is where the Fukushima Daiichi NPP was constructed. That was the reason.


7. Why does the Happiness Realization Party call for maintaining nuclear power generation?

We think that we need electric power for industries, for our daily lives and protection of our daily lives. We also have the sea lane dilemma; the crude oil from the west could be attacked by China or other countries. That is why we cannot depend on thermal power.

We insist that we courageously keep our nuclear power. Since this April, the @rice of electricity increased up to twice as much as before and, starting this September, electricity bills in the private sector have gone up. We Japanese can only supply four percent of energy by ourselves.

The Energy problem is very complex but extremely important so we should not act solely on by emotions. We already experienced two atomic bombs; in Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. So, people are apt to hate the word “nuclear” or “radioactive power.” Yet, the nuclear bomb and nuclear electric power are a bit different. It depends on the use.

In addition, military countries that already have nuclear missiles surround Japan such as China. North Korea, too, is almost complete with their nuclear missiles. They sometimes threaten Japan. They are a small country. They do not have enough food for their own people, but they can threaten Japan. The same goes for China.


8. Japanese people should assert their opinion as done by China and South Korea

Chinese people have nuclear weapons, so they are threatening Japan this time regarding the Senkaku islands. They authorized demonstrations and attacked the Japanese consul. They attacked Japanese enterprises, attacked Japanese department stores and stole a lot of goods. There is no apology for all that because they said Japan did a terrible thing to them in a former time of war.

It is the same for South Korea. They say, “Japan created comfort women. They did by dint of military power, and created more than 200,000 comfort women from Korea.” This is too large a number. It is impossible. That is almost the size of the military. 200,000 comfort women? How can we send them to a southern part of Asia, to a small island? We did not have enough food at the time. It is impossible. That is way too large of a figure.

The U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton misunderstood that comfort women meant sex slaves. That is a great misunderstanding. South Korea took advantage of this misunderstanding, and made a statue of a 13 year-old little girl, a comfort girl, just across the road from and in front of the Japanese embassy. They are saying that they will build this kind of statue of a small comfort lady, a little girl, in New Jersey, New York and other places. They are making some kind of joint anti-Japanese promotion within the government and private sectors.

In the background lies a Japanese cultural tradition that Japanese people do not talk much about their past. They sometimes remain silent about the past. In Japan, there is a saying that, when their army is defeated, the head of the army should say nothing about it. No comment or excuse is allowed in Japan. That is why the Japanese people have not said anything regarding their own deeds.

Korean and Chinese, on the other hand, are people that enjoy debates. They resemble European or American people who like to have a debate. They need debate. They usually go overboard because they are just waiting for a rebuttal against their argument. So, the Japanese people must debate more strongly.

Going back to the first problem of love and justice – love is essential, and to love others is absolutely wonderful. To love thy neighbor is quite a task, but it is very vital and historically speaking, it is an order from God.


9. We need to pursue Love in terms of Wisdom; that is Justice

We also think, however, that justice is just as critical. There are approximately 200 countries in the world, and there occur countless conflicts between many countries. Sometimes they lead to war. At such times, people make decisions about right and wrong shall be made from the universal perspectives. That is when we need justice.

Love is important, but wisdom is required to consider what love is in the eyes of other people. If there are many evil deeds occurring through influences by evil spirits, then such acts must be stopped.

To stop evil deeds is good. That is justice. We are seeking wisdom. We must think of love from the viewpoint of wisdom. We need wisdom, especially in relationship between two countries.

Syria, for example, is having a civil war and more than 30,000 people have been killed by the government forces. More than 30,000 civilians were killed. In such times, some great countries must say something to stop the civil war. That is the right thing to do, albeit incredibly challenging.

However, we must seek after what is right and we must establish justice by a dint of wisdom. We must think of what love is in this context. It has a slightly different meaning from what many people define it to be in terms of personal love.
If a country is destroyed through a lack of wisdom, then that is not love. If an ill-willed country intrudes a lot of other countries with a lack of wisdom and many people suffer from such an invasion, then that is evil.

At such a time, the United Nations or other great powers should stop those evil deeds. That is justice. We are usually thinking about individual love; but in terms of international politics, we must seek after justice in terms of wisdom when it comes to conflicts between countries, or conflicts within countries such as civil wars. So, in today’s lecture, I added justice to love and wisdom. Thank you very much.

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Fight With ‘Wisdom’ and ‘Justice’ When Dealing With the Hegemonic State of China
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