Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, Reveals What She Really Thinks:
Her strategy for the containment of China and the possibility of becoming the first female president.
 A spiritual message from Hillary Clinton's guardian spirit, recorded on August 18, 2012.


America’s human resources drain is being exposed in the next presidential election

── How does Hillary Clinton currently foresee the American presidential election at the end of 2012?

Clinton’s G.S. Um. I don’t know yet because Romney seems to be trying to score points on diplomacy, but is actually giving them away instead.

Generally speaking, the incumbent has the advantage, but because the unemployment rate is not improving, I feel that the degree of danger will be high if the citizens’ expectations of Romney’s ability mount.

It’s true that the Democrats, myself included, believe in a kind of public health insurance, but because there is an idea of income redistribution in it, it cannot be done unless America is affluent.

The economy is in recession, and if we go to the brink of a depression, that thinking will be unforgiving, which is unreasonable. In fact, if there is a time when it seems unemployment will rise greatly, guaranteeing the livelihoods of everyone is not something that can be done that easily.

The Republicans lack compassion for the weak, and say that people have to look after themselves, and the state will shift its emphasis to what only the state can do.

If you think about it, they will raise taxes because they are a party that will mount such a military offensive, but they are essentially aiming for a “small government”, and have a tendency to try to increase capitalists.

Now, it’s Barack Hussein Obama, with possible links to Islam, vs. a Mormon presidential candidate suited to being mayor of Salt Lake City, Utah. Well, they are both minorities in America.

It’s a commonality that both have graduated from Harvard, an elite university, and simply by qualifying for president, but they are clearly minorities when you look at the other points.
In that sense, there has also been a bit of a drain on the human resources of America.


Do you expect that it’s possible to become president without spending money?

Clinton’s G.S. There is also the question of whether I could be a presidential candidate, but I used a bit too much money in the previous election (the 2008 presidential election) …

── There is also the issue of “money matters” too, isn’t there?

Clinton’s G.S. Yes. Running a second time is a bit tough.
However, in the sense that it’s possible that Obama will not be president for eight years, it doesn’t mean that, depending on the circumstances, I too don’t have the chance of becoming president. It’s possible that Obama may not be around for some reason during his term in office.

── I see. Perhaps you have the feeling that that has to do with what efforts Hillary makes diplomatically, and in what capacity, prior to the next presidential election.

Clinton’s G.S. I think in the eyes of Americans, she seems to be making considerable effort diplomatically.

── Yes. Hillary is taking the initiative in virtually all of the current American diplomatic efforts. Obama…

Clinton’s G.S. That’s because Obama only knows about Chicago.

── (laugh) That’s right.

Clinton’s G.S. I have the foundation of traveling with Bill to different countries as first lady for eight years, in effect observing diplomatic locales in the capacity of a presidential aide, but he only knows about Chicago.

In that sense, I think I am more competent diplomatically. Because I am trying to nurture a country that will be our next adversary for China, in that sense, I think that I, at least, have some strategies.


That Japan is denying its superior nuclear technology is worrying

── “Antinuclear” and “new energy policies” are being spoken about, but if we look at the “development of the clean energy industries” that Obama advocated, they are also not going well. Then of course it seems that path is not easy.

Clinton’s G.S. I also understand the sentiment (towards Japan’s allergy to nuclear power), but just the same, as a country with no resources, if it doesn’t have a system whereby it generates its own energy, then it will be weak.

Something like the Monju fast-breeder nuclear reactor was actually the world’s “dream energy” (In 2010, operation was suspended due to an accident where a transponder was dropped inside the reactor). Japan, denying its own superior technology such as this, is a little worrying.

With its nuclear power as it stands now, Japan has the power to make about five thousand nuclear bombs (equivalent to the Nagasaki type) from plutonium. This means, that in terms of national defense, the power to be able to adequately oppose China exists.

Therefore, it is thought that there are a considerable number of people in the anti-nuclear power protests that have the backing of China.


If Japan adheres to the Japan-US alliance, then I will agree to its nuclear armament

── What do you think of the possibility of Japan being nuclear-armed?

Clinton’s G.S. I approve on the condition that Japan does not abrogate the Japan-US alliance.

── You mean it’s better to be equipped with nuclear arms.

Clinton’s G.S. I think so. If not, the United States will no longer be able to defend Japan. I don’t think the U.S. will be able to defend Japan any more. That time is imminent.

If the next round of nuclear tests at least succeeds in North Korea, nuclear weapons will be put to practical use.

I don’t want to see Japan threatened by North Korea, and become like the Syrian people intimidated by Assad.

── Do you mean that America’s current military power is not powerful enough to defend Japan?

Clinton’s G.S. No, not at all, but…
America defending Japan, without the Japanese attempting to defend themselves, is indeed unrealistic, even with the use of nuclear weapons.

One country America using nuclear weapons to defend Japan, even if it inflicts great damage on another country, without Japan attempting to protect itself, seems rather unrealistic to me, don’t you think?

Having nuclear weapons is actually a fundamental condition of becoming a permanent member of the U.N. As it stands, in the worst-case scenario, India and Pakistan will become permanent members.


What do you expect of the Happiness Realization Party?:
I would like it to develop friendly relations with America as a whole, not just the Republican Party

── I think that the Happiness Realization Party and the Japanese conservatives have more of an affinity with the American Republican Party than the Democratic Party of Japan does, so it would be great if you could offer some advice.

Clinton’s G.S. I’m gathering information, and I know that you are being watched by China. I have the feeling that you being watched by China means that you may, at some stage, be a “golden egg” for America.


The emergence of a religion that can control the mass media, and criticize the political and business world is attracting attention

Clinton’s G.S. It is constantly observing this religion in Japan that “trumps the media”, and has an extremely political message. This religion, that has a message about politics and economics, and can criticize the prime minister, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and the Bank of Japan, is now emerging.

You are probably also engaging in party activities, but if your organization possesses political authority in the real sense, then you are trustworthy.

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Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, Reveals What She Really Thinks:
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