President Putin and the Future of Russia
─An Interview with the Guardian Spirit of Vladimir Putin─


Japan’s Function is to Hold Russia and the U.S. Together

―― Still, making friends and harmonizing relations with the U.S. right away would be difficult for Russia, wouldn’t it?

Putin’s G.S. Considering our countries’ past, yes… Also, once in a while, you get a crazy U.S. President.

Sometimes American presidents start acting crazy. Just to boost their approval ratings, they might suddenly put on a special performance and start a war, so I can’t leave Russia completely defenseless. But the real problem is China. Whatever way you look at it, the most dangerous country in the world right now is China.

The big question is how the world should deal with China. To tighten the noose around China, I am willing to join forces with other countries wanting to do the same.

―― The Happiness Realization Party believes that while a military alliance would probably be difficult, Japan and Russia should build a friendly and collaborative relationship.

Putin’s G.S. A military alliance with Russia would complicate your relationship with the U.S.

But I think Japan can play an important role holding Russia and the U.S. together. By maintaining good relations with both of them, Japan could prevent the two from becoming enemies.


If China Attacks its Neighbors, Russia will Strike China from Behind

Putin’s G.S. But, fortunately for you, I don’t see Japan as a threat. The threat is China. I won’t tolerate China invading foreign territories. If they keep expanding their marine operations further south, and try to invade other Asian countries, we’re willing to attack them from behind.

―― Wow, that’s very reassuring.

Putin’s G.S. China wouldn’t dare make a move if they knew we’re ready to strike them from behind. That’s why it’s in our interest to build good relations with you.


Opposition against Arab Nuclear Development – Racism or Religious Prejudice?

―― At the core, Europe’s missile defense system was intended to shield Europe from Iran, which is developing nuclear technology. Russia’s remarks that Iran should be granted the use of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes are making us wonder if Russia is pro-Iranand pro-Syria.

Putin’s G.S. If you want to talk about Iran… I believe every country has the right to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. Although accidents happen, I am not in favor of the idea that nuclear technology itself is evil. My guess is that Europe is against Iran’s development of nuclear technology because they think Iran wants to wage war against Israel. But on the issue of fairness, I have to say it just doesn’t seem fair to let Israel have nuclear weapons, while refusing the same right to Arab countries.

Europeans are against Iran’s nuclear development because they, want to retain the edge they have as Europeans. The first country to attack Iran would be Israel. I bet that’s the reason the Israeli President is paying Obama a visit right now. I think he’s there to get American approval, to find out whether the U.S. would support or criticize Israel, and whether the Americans would be willing to support Israel even if the UN were to criticize its actions.

Still, I guess the Israelis feel a promise from Obama is better than nothing. That’s why they’re there talking to him right now.


Revolution Bound to Happen in China

―― How do you feel about these developments in China and their potential effects on Russia?

Putin’s G.S. Mmm, I believe there will be a revolution in China soon.

Yes. I think it’s going to happen. It needs to happen. It can’t continue like this forever.

They have been holding out for twenty years, determined not to end up like Russia, but the wealth gap between the affluent South and the poor rest of the country only keeps widening. It is interesting how economic development in China creates a handful of wealthy people, but leaves the majority of the Chinese behind in poverty.

I believe the Chinese people have reached their limit. The government is suppressing them with police and military force but they won’t put up with that forever. The government is afraid a revolutionary leader could emerge. They can suppress protests and riots, but a leader with a clear ideological message and the power to spread it could have the power to split the military from the government. That’s what they are afraid of.

But part of the military defecting and starting a civil war is nothing new in China. It has happened many times before, and I think it is about to happen again. That’s why I put up with everybody hating me and ran for president again. When the next revolution breaks out in China, we need political stability in Russia. Not just us – the rest of the world needs a stable Russia, too.


Russia doesn’t Have the Power to Deal with China Alone

―― Do you have any plans to try and manipulate things in China?

Putin’s G.S. Our countries have a similar background. We both come from Communist roots, but we broke apart a long time ago, and these days we are not so friendly anymore. Our communist parties are not the same.

Another thing that puts us at odds with China is that we are reviving the Russian Orthodox Church – we have brought religion back into our system. So returning to the issue of Iran, I am a Christian, so I sympathize with the idea to preserve Israel as the Holy Land. But when I look at where Israel is coming from and where it’s going, I feel I should give my support to Iran, which puts me in a fix.

―― Do you plan to do everything you can to manipulate things behind the scenes in China?

Putin’s G.S. China’s economy is on an upswing. Sadly, Russia hasn’t been able to catch up. Both as prime minister and as president, I have been trying to improve internal security in Russia. Without security, our economy can’t recover. I’m trying to improve the economy by improving security. If we were slightly stronger economically, we could think about pulling the strings in China, but at the moment, Russia doesn’t have what it takes to manipulate China. Of course, the Soviet Union might have thought differently about it.

China is not moving in a good direction right now, and continuing on its present path is not going to do the world any good. The world wouldn’t be a good place if it became like China. The Chinese can do what they want within their own borders, but they should not be allowed to force their political system and ideology on other countries.


Xi Jinping is a Military Man who Doesn’t Understand Economics

―― Earlier, you talked about the possibility of a new leader emerging in China. As a guardian spirit, can you see something like that happening soon?

Putin’s G.S. I’m sure there is somebody.

I don’t keep tabs on the details in other countries. But to me it would make sense if he came from the affluent regions in the South.

Putin’s G.S. If he plans to bring down Beijing, he would have to be from that part of China.

Putin’s G.S. I think it will be more of a battle between politics and economics.

When people have nothing left to eat, they won’t support the government any longer.

Putin’s G.S. Politics might be about motives, but economics is all about results. So if the results are no good, it means that the government is no good. That’s just how it is.

I think Xi Jinping doesn’t know about economics. He thinks like a war general. Even worse, I have a feeling that he sees everything as a win or lose situation. But that’s just a gut feeling.

I believe his way of thinking is old-fashioned. I get the impression that he is an imperialist. He thinks that seizing more territory will increase China’s wealth. Look at what is happening in Asia with the Spratly and Paracel Islands. When you see China homing in on those places, and trying to take Japan’s Senkaku Islands, it looks like they think they can boost their country’s wealth by expanding its territory and increasing its resources. I don’t think Xi knows anything about the role of tertiary industries.


Russia’s Economic Recovery was Stimulated by Huge Tax Cuts

―― But the amazing thing about President Putin is that he was the first to introduce a flat tax rate.

Putin’s G.S. Yeah, I have to say I’m a little too smart for the KGB.

Much too smart. I know I shouldn’t be doing this, but I’m secretly studying the ways of the West.


If China Halts its Military Expansion, Russia can Shift Towards Economic Progress

Putin’s G.S. I want to stop China’s military expansion. As long as they keep going as they are, we won’t be able to disarm either.

Our military expenses are squeezing the economy. Russia has more than enough nuclear weapons. We don’t want them any more.

I wouldn’t need them if I didn’t have an opponent to use them against.

―― So Russia can only disarm if China stops its military expansion.

Putin’s G.S. Exactly. If China stops its expansionism and the possibility of war ceases to exist, we can reduce our military forces and armaments. That would allow us to shift our focus to economic growth.

―― I see. All the political and military analysts of the world say Russia’s disarmament is an issue related to the U.S. But for you it has more to do with China?

Putin’s G.S. It ended with the Malta Summit. So I have no intention to fight the Americans. And I’m not friendly enough with China to think about joining them against the U.S.

Some of the old structures are still in place, but we’re not that close to China anymore. The experts tend to divide the world into those with communist structures and those with democratic structures, but I don’t fit into this pattern. I have given Russians religious freedom, which makes me very different from the Chinese.

I can sit at the same table with other Christian countries and communicate with them on one level.


Communism and Faith in God Cannot Coexist

―― We’re almost out of time now. So to summarize, it is not President Putin’s aim to resurrect the Soviet Union.

Putin’s G.S. Unfortunately that’s beyond me.

―― We hear you distanced yourself from the communist ideology, but do you still sympathize with Marxism?

Putin’s G.S. Communism is incompatible with faith in God, isn’t it?

―― You’re right. The two are incompatible.

Putin’s G.S. I’ll tell you honestly which one I prefer.

I believe in God. I love to go to church. I love to pray. I am rebuilding a lot of churches in Russia. You have to give me credit for that. I am not doing that for publicity reasons.

―― So you’re not trying to resurrect the Soviet Union or the Russian Empire.

Putin’s G.S. No. But at the same time I don’t want to see the Russian people live a life of misery. I want them to retain the pride they had as citizens of a great country.

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President Putin and the Future of Russia
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