Steve Jobs, Zen, and the Greatest Invention

The Cycle of Rebirth – Updates for our Soul

Steve Jobs made great inventions in his life. But did things end there?

To the contrary. With great tenacity and dedication Jobs improved his products to the max, and then some more. Going with the flow of progress, always at the cutting edge of technology, adjusting his products to the tastes of the regions and users he wanted to target, and examining and re-examining his own satisfaction with them, his products were reborn countless times. Jobs’ personal drive was unequalled.

Human beings created by God are exactly the same. Nobody can stay on this earth forever – in time we age, our life span comes to an end, and we die. But after entering the spirit world, our souls come back again in another time and place, like a product hitting another market. This happens so our souls get to use the memory, knowledge and experience it retains from past lives making it a much better product than before. On the last page of Jobs’ biography, we find the following words:

“It’s strange to think that you accumulate all this experience, and maybe a little wisdom, and it just goes away. So I really want to believe that something survives, that maybe your consciousness endures.”

Jobs has entered the spirit world now, where he gets to experience for himself that his hunch about the afterlife was right. The smile we know so well is surely spreading across his face as he realizes that the cycle of rebirth is God’s greatest invention. The teachings about the cycle of rebirth cannot be taught by Zen, but Happy Science books abound with them. Have a read and see for yourself.

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Steve Jobs, Zen, and the Greatest Invention
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