The Interview with the Subconscious Mind of Newt Gingrich
"A Strong America again"

Okawa: OK, we’ve finished. I think that we were able to find out his basic ideas. He (G.S. of Gingrich) used some very risky words. Well, it can’t be helped since guardian spirits express their thoughts very honestly.
He definitely seems to mean to become the President. It could be beneficial for Japan if he does. He will be tough on the current left-wing Japanese administration, but it will tip the balance back to a “normal” state.
This will be a good course of events for Japan because his strategy to focus on matters with China will require Japan to toughen up. Hilary Clinton, who is still working hard today as U.S. State Secretary, had been favoring China until only recently when she realized that China is a threat.
So, I do believe that it will be better for Japan if Mr. Gingrich is elected the next President of the U.S. He will put pressure on the Japanese administration to be stronger, and since it is likely he will ask for financial and defense assistance, many of his ideas should agree with those of the Happiness Realization Party. So I definitely welcome the election of Mr. Gingrich as the next President of the United States.
He sounded a bit frustrated with his potbellied appearance since both Mr. Obama and Mr. Romney are good-looking men. He is also anxious that their Harvard background puts him behind. Nonetheless, Mr. Gingrich is a man with strong leadership ability and is someone with the ability to drive America forward. I look forward to what he accomplishes.

* * *

Concluding this, here is Master Okawa’s quote from the afterword of the book containing this interview.

I believe we were able to draw out most of Mr. Gingrich’s honest ideas. At present, Mr. Romney’s potential for improving the economy and Mr. Obama’s gifted oratory skills are probably winning the favor of many people. They are both very outstanding men. However, regardless of his looks, I believe that Mr. Gingrich possesses the makings of a strong and competent President of the United States.

In a negative campaigning-like manner, his guardian spirit has criticized his rivals, but these words were not spoken publicly by Mr. Gingrich himself. This dialogue is strictly the result of my drawing out and revealing his honest, innermost thoughts through his guardian spirit; we have no intention whatsoever of injuring Mr. Gingrich’s image.

Four years ago, I revealed valuable clues about America’s fate in a spiritual interview with Mr. Obama’s guardian spirit. Likewise, I hope that this book will provide food for thought for the coming election. And after all is said and done, I believe that the will of the American people shall choose the best candidate for their President of the United States of America.

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The Interview with the Subconscious Mind of Newt Gingrich
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