The Interview with the Subconscious Mind of Newt Gingrich
"A Strong America again"

5     My First Priority is to Create a New World Strategy

MC: What’s your priority number one?

G.S.: It’s to create a new world strategy. I mean a new order based on the American strategy.
America should be the superpower during my presidency. So, I might be the successor of George Washington or Lincoln. I am stronger than Mr. Kennedy, of course. There will be a new strategy, a strong strategy, a strong America. America will become a superpower again. This is the main point. This includes an economic resurrection, of course.

A: Perhaps America also needs to cope with Iran. Iran is trying to develop nuclear weapons. If possible, I would like you to talk about your Middle East diplomatic policy.

G.S.: Of course, we would cooperate with other powers like Israel, U.K. or other countries. But maybe Israel has enough power to punish Iranian people. They have enough power.
We statesmen must judge from the global perspective, from outside of this country. We must look at their activity, their aim and how big of a threat they are to other countries. It’s a decision of statesmen or politicians.

I see Iranian leaders having a poor brain. They cannot think from the standpoint of worldwide thinking, so we must teach Iranian people that they are thinking too much of themselves. If they are allowed to have nuclear weapons or missiles, it would become a crisis for other countries, especially the tankers of our friendly countries which go through Hormuz Strait. They will be in peril from now on, so we must exclude their missile fleet. It’s not so difficult for us.
For example, Japan imports 80% of their crude oil from the gulf area through Hormuz Strait. If the Iranian government intrudes your transportation, we will fight to exclude their bad intension.
You can rely on me if the Republicans win. Surely you can expect that we can do that.
We are not Obama. By “Obama” I mean “weak person.” So we are not Obama. We can fight against evil.
So you can rely on us. I’m sure your energy policy can be sustained by our Republican policy.

B: How will you solve the problem with North Korea?

G.S.: We must give the words “the end.” to North Korea. “The end” are very suitable words for them.

B: Does that mean you will wage war against North Korea?

G.S.: We don’t need war. We just need pressure. If the 7th fleet of U.S. shows an attitude to attack North Korea because of their nuclear weapons, they will surrender. Of course, they cannot defeat us. Republicans are republicans and we can do that. Mr. Weak Obama cannot.

6     I have a Conservative Belief in Christianity

B: I’d like to ask about the relationship between Japan and America. As you said, I believe the relationship between two countries is very important, not just for each country but for the world. What do you expect from the Japanese government or Japanese people?

G.S.: No more Noda, I think. The Japanese Democratic Party is not good. They need to be changed. This means a change of regime.
Maybe the next government should be LDP and other political parties under the cooperation of LDP and another political party. I think it will be preferable.
If your political party, Happiness Realization Party, can get seats, you can join the government too. It’s preferable. I think so.

MC: Our last question is about your faith. Religious belief. What do you think about religion?

G.S.: This is the main attacking point for Mr. Romney, but I’m a gentleman, so I won’t talk too much about that. It might be the main losing point of Mitt Romney. He’s a Mormon follower. Mormonism isn’t major in the United States of America. It’s impossible for him to get the majority’s support.
Mr. Obama’s “Change movement” made it possible for a black person to become the president of the United States of America. I think Romney needs a movement of the same level.
Mitt Romney was skyrocketing, but is now down-rocketing so it’s very difficult for him.

I have a conservative belief in Christianity. So I’m not a keen-edged to religious speaker or the commissioner or judge. But America should be America, so America should go back to traditional America. I think the usual American Christianity is preferable.

MC: I heard you believe in Roman Catholic. What do you think about Happy Science?

G.S.: If you give me some votes, it’s OK, no problem.

MC: OK. Thank you very much for coming and telling us your thoughts and secrets. We will introduce you to Japanese people and people around the world. Thank you very much.

G.S.: Amen.( Note: He is joking.)

(the end of spiritual interview)

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The Interview with the Subconscious Mind of Newt Gingrich
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