The Interview with the Subconscious Mind of Newt Gingrich
"A Strong America again"

1     Calling the Guardian Spirit of Mr. Gingrich

Okawa: I will call the guardian spirit of Mr. Newt Gingrich. I’ll try, so, could you interview him?
Please ask questions that would introduce his opinions to Japanese people.
We interviewed Mr. Obama ( his guardian spirit ) four years ago when he was still running as a candidate for presidency. That was a scoop, of course. Maybe this interview is good news for Mr. Gingrich. He will be happy about this interview. Now I will try to call him.

( Puts hands in prayer and closes eyes.)

Mr. Speaker, Mr. Speaker Newt Gingrich, Mr. Speaker Newt Gingrich. Could you come over to Japan? Could you come over to Japan?
Mr. Speaker Newt Gingrich, his guardian spirit, come over here to Japan. This is a very good chance for you to introduce yourself to Japanese people. Please tell us any crucial points regarding your political opinions. Mr. Speaker, Mr. Speaker, come over to Japan.

( About 10 seconds of silence )

Guardian Spirit of Gingrich *: Umm.
*Guardian Spirit of Gingrich will be noted as G.S. from this point on.

MC: Hello. Are you Mr. Newt Gingrich (his guardian spirit)?

G.S.: Yeah. Sure. I’m very busy, so ask quickly.

MC: Thank you for coming to Taigokan of Happy Science. Happy Science is a new religion of Japan. Today, we will ask you about your policies.

G.S.: Of course, the U.S. and Japan relationship is very important, so I have some obligation regarding the relationship between these two great countries. Japanese people have a lot of concerns about my opinions.

2     I am the Only Person Who Can Represent a Strong America

MC: My first question is: how do you feel now about your situation?

G.S.: Situation? Very hard, and heavy and hot! A very competitive situation. I must smash Romney. He’s a strong opponent and competitor. He is very strong.

A: What is your strategy to defeat Mitt Romney? After that, maybe you need to fight against Mr. Barack Obama. So could you tell me your strategy to become the next president?

G.S.: It’s a very pivotal point. My strategy is the secret of secrets.
Compared to me, Romney is a little…how would you say it? He has a good appearance and is a little smarter. I have…how would you say it? I have a Japanese Buddha’s belly, so it doesn’t appear so good.
So I must fight with my strategy, idea or strong opinion. My strong opinion is to build up the great United States of America again through a strong leader. This is my opinion.
Obama, he’s a nice guy. He’s the first colored person to become the president of the United States. It’s nice and historical fact which may become very famous in the future American book, but the American presidency must be the heart of American people. “Heart” means the traditional American human consciousness. It’s me who represents the American consciousness, the old-style and new-style traditions of America. America is the only superpower of the world. I am the only person who can represent the United States of America as a great country, the superpower.

Of course, Romney is fantastic and he’s good at earning money. I respect him for this point. But he is only good at earning money for himself and not for American people. He can earn only for himself, by himself.
I am not such kind of person. I work only for the United States of America and the happiness of the world. So I am suitable for the presidency of the United States of America. That is the emotional side of my main strategy.

A: On the other hand, Mr. Barack Obama….

G.S.: Yeah, Barack Obama. Black Obama! Ha! Mr. Obama… or should I say Black Obama? (Note: Just G.S.’ words, not having been said by Mr. Gingrich himself.) Mr. Black Obama is seeking for a big nation or a “large government strategy,” but I am seeking for a small government because the wealth of the United States should be owned by American people, not by the American government.
So a “small-government policy” is the Republican policy. If he wants to cut the budget concerning the military strategy, it’s not so bad. But I dare say, the main point should be: “What is the target of our defense policy?” Please focus on the main point only.
My main point is just how to control China! This is the main point and the total amount of military budget can be flexible. It’s not so different from Mr. Obama, but he’s weaker than my strategy. I myself will make stronger America appear again with a smaller budget, so you can expect a lot out of me.
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The Interview with the Subconscious Mind of Newt Gingrich
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