Spiritual Background to the Problems in the Middle East (1)
The conflict between Muhammad and Michael

Michael is a Jewish angel that appears in the Bible and led the army of angels that fought against Satan. In Christian countries he is widely known as Archangel Michael or Saint Michael. In the Old Testament’s Book of Daniel, he appears as a protector of Israel who was sent to fight the angels of Persia, thus as can be gathered from this, fighting against other races to protect the Jews is his main role. Even now he is certainly continuing his work in the spirit world, fighting Palestine for the survival of Israel.

As in the above quote, the spirit level (the level of the cognitive faculty of the souls) of Archangel Michael and Muhammad is virtually equal. In Happy Science, angels, archangels and the existence of souls in other cultures that are of equal standing to them are called “higher spirits”. Higher spirits fighting amongst themselves, even in friendly competition, may in some sense be a shock for humans who may even doubt this, but that is the reality of the spirit world.

However, higher spirits are not simply free to create conflict and fight among themselves. The fact is there is a being guiding them from a higher place. It will be explained in Spiritual background to the problems in the Middle East (2): Jesus’ stance and Allah’s intention.

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Spiritual Background to the Problems in the Middle East (1)
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