Master Okawa Teaches the True Buddhism in Sri Lanka

If Buddha were not to be reborn, the devils would rejoice

The traditional interpretation is that nirvana is a state that has blown off worldy desire, and there appears a sacred, calm, silent world without activities. This is what people are told.

But it is not enough. If Buddha achieved enlightenment in this world and then left this world and went to heaven, never to return to this world, it would be helpful to devils. Because devils deny the reincarnation of Buddha. He is their enemy. So devils will be pleased with this fact.

To tell the truth, Buddha is not the human-kind, human-shaped existence. Buddha is the Truth. This Truth comes to this earth again and again. They take various forms, as the Truth comes down to this earth in different ways, in different manners, in different styles, in different names, in different voices and in different teachings, but the Truth is Truth.

Buddha’s Truth saves the world throughout human history. Every day, every year, every age, every era, now and forever, into the future, to the end of this world and to the end of the Earth and after the end of the Earth. Because Buddha is the Truth. And Buddha is the sacred love, not the attachment to this earth. Just great mercy to save all the people in this world.

There live more than 7 billion people in this world.
The Savior should appear in this world now.
Now is the time to save people.
Now is the time to tell the Truth.
Now is the time to teach real things.
Please disregard small teachings.
Please choose main teachings.
Please separate big and small.
Please tell good from evil. (end of quote)

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Master Okawa Teaches the True Buddhism in Sri Lanka
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