Exclusive Report: Prime Minister Noda’s True Colors (2)

(Omission. After Noda’s guardian spirit was sent back to the spirit world)

Ryuho Okawa: Well! He was nothing special, was he?

Sakai: (smiling wryly) That was a bit awkward, wasn’t it?

Ryuho Okawa: Are you disappointed? Why was someone of that level elevated to Prime Minister? It’s a dubious system, isn’t it? That person had no wisdom.
In short, Japanese politicians only consider “how to reduce the number of their enemies, not cause jealousy and maintain their status for a long time” as plans and strategies in human relations. Winning votes and how to survive as Diet members are important, and only such professionals could achieve a high status. (End of quote)

Graduate from tax karma, Prime Minister Noda

Since taking office in September 2011, the Noda administration’s approval rating has continued to fall. One of the reasons for the drop in approval rating in the final stages of the 2011 is Prime Minister Noda made an international commitment at the G20 Summit on November 3 to raise the consumption tax rate at an ordinary Diet session in 2012 from its current 5% to 10%. Prime Minister Noda did not hold adequate discussions within the Democratic Party of Japan or the Diet regarding this pledge. There are many both within and outside the Democratic Party of Japan who are opposed to a rise in the consumption tax rate, with the multi-party “Diet members seeking funds for recovery (from the Great East Japan Earthquake) without raising taxes” collecting the signatures of over 220, or 30% of, Diet members from around the country. Prime Minister Noda ignored the voices of these representatives of the people.

Because Noda was, in a previous life, the manager of a rice granary, which was the equivalent of tax in the Edo period, and now in his current life is pushing ahead with tax increases, we can sense that his spirit is carrying tax karma (the issues that a person has that are carried from one life to the next). Now in his current position as Prime Minister of Japan, if he makes the right decision on taxes and can bring about happiness for the people and prosperity to Japan, then it is possible he may graduate from his tax karma and his spirit level may rise. Conversely, if he makes a foolish judgment on the tax problem, the Japanese economy will shrink due to the increase in consumption tax and the people will become poorer, then he will not graduate from the tax karma and will face homework where he will again have tax issues in his next life.

In this way, the tendency of a person’s spirit characteristically appears in their choice of profession. For example, who were Napoleon, Picasso and Bill Gates in previous lives? In Happy Science books such as “The Golden Laws“, there are many examples of who great figures were reborn as. The Liberty might gradually present the reincarnation of great figures on this site.

* Tokaido Road: In the beginning of the Edo period, when the administrative capital was transferred to Edo (Tokyo), the Tokaido was regarded as one of the five manger highways and became the most important route linking Kyoto and Edo.

The Golden Laws: http://www.irhpress.co.jp/detail/html/L0123

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Exclusive Report: Prime Minister Noda’s True Colors (2)
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