The Existence of a Speed Faster Than That of Light Was Foreseen

Happy Science blends religion and science

Master Okawa stated about the need to blend religion and science in his book “The Laws of Salvation” published in 2011. Logically, set the thesis of the middle ages in which faith was superior to scientific thinking, the antithesis of the modern ages where scientific sought to contradict faith, the world beyond the 21st century will enter the age of great synthesis where religion and science are blended. Here is an excerpt from the aforementioned book – the message for religious leaders and scientists of the 21st century (beginning of quote).

Ever since the times of Galileo and Copernicus, religion has been treated as being in opposition to science. People have also come to think that casting off religion and becoming more scientific is progressive and modern. However, I dared to call this religion Happy Science because it represents the science of the future.

The future of science is based on faith. Only when you awaken to faith can you delve into the spirit world and spiritual beings. Then, based on this faith, the true form of the universe will be revealed before our eyes.

Even today’s cutting-edge science fails to offer real explanations for the relationship between the soul and matter, or the spiritual and the material, which have been seen as mutually exclusive since the time of Descartes. Why is energy transformed into matter? Why is matter transformed into energy? We all know Einstein’s famous theorem is E=mc2 (energy equals mass times the speed of light squared), but why should that be so?

Atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs were created on the basis of this formula. A smidgen of plutonium, an amount as small as the tip of a fingernail, is capable of instantly destroying an entire city and robbing one hundred thousand human beings of their lives. This theory that matter could be transformed into energy was foretold by Einstein and proven by the Atomic bomb.

The reverse is also true. Enormous amounts of energy can be transformed into physical matter because the two are linked by an “equal” sign. Enormous amounts of energy can be transformed into matter and take on a physical form. This is actually how the Earth, the sun, the stars, human beings, plants and animals all came into existence.

Everything that exists in this three-dimensional world is created by energy. The source of this energy is the power of God. It is God’s will for every single form of life in this universe to develop and flourish. His very thoughts created the planet and its living creatures, and keep them in existence.

I have said that the future of science is to be found in the world of faith. By integrating religion and science, Happy Science will blaze a path for future society. This is our mission. It is our mission to spread the teachings not only in Japan, but also throughout the entire world. Let us all work together to accomplish this.

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The Existence of a Speed Faster Than That of Light Was Foreseen
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