Fukushima is not a dangerous zone any more

Stop the “political disaster” which ruins hometowns.

Japan’s Democratic Government has roughly set up the evacuation zone without a full investigation of exposure. The government made the residents abandon their houses and jobs, and starved or slaughtered tens of thousands of livestock. Although the Soviet Union government evacuated 16,000 livestock in the case of the Chernobyl accident, the Kan Administration outrageously takes the lives and jobs from the residents in Fukushima, and is destroying their hometowns. The Democratic Party’s slogan, “Putting People’s Lives First” and “Protecting the lives of citizens”, is being echoed in vain.

Based on the contamination survey of the residents by Professor Takada, the radioactive contamination in Fukushima is not at a level from which people will suffer health problems in the future. Professor Takada concluded the lecture with the following comment: “The government recommends that more people should take refuge from this area. Do you want to abandon your properties, farmlands or hometowns in order to just escape the radiation of several milli-sieverts which causes no health problems? I want to say, “Keep on staying here and do your best. If I were a local person, I would never take refuge from Minamisoma or Iitate.” (note 3)

Receiving a series of Professor Takada’s investigations, the opposition party has begun to review the standard of residents’ refuge. But the Diet members of the Democratic Party don’t show any reaction, even though Professor Takada told them about the investigation results and analysis. If the government destroys the local resident’s lives without widely listening to specialists’ opinions, that can be called a “political disaster.”

It is vital that Prime Minister Kan and the Democratic Party abandon political power so the people of Fukushima can rebuild their lives and jobs and return to their hometowns. That is the best action for the nuclear and the earthquake disaster.

The measures against radiation by Professor Takada

  • - Verify whether the residents should take refuge or rebuild their lives, moreover, based on the measurement of individual exposure.
  • - Measured exposed dosage even in a 20-km off-limits area where a specialist lives.
  • - Aims at rebuilding residents’ lives since the radiation dosage in Fukushima basically causes no health problem.

The measures against radiation by the Democratic Party Administration

  • - Set up the evacuation zone roughly without a full investigation of individual exposure and also only measured the amount of radiation in the atmosphere or the soil.
  • - Make the residents throw away their lives and jobs, and starve or slaughter their livestock.
  • - Are going to expand the evacuation zone furthermore.


The light of God blows radioactivity off.

People feel that radioactivity is dreadful because much exposure to radiation damages genes and increases cancer risk. The idea might have been influenced by the idea that human beings are composed only of genes.

Mr. Takeshi Umehara, who joined The Reconstruction Design Council of the Kan Administration as a special adviser, says: “A gene is immortal, the same as the soul, because it keeps on going after we die.” He identifies the soul as the gene. If the essence of human life is a gene, it is surely dreadful when genes are destroyed by radiation.

However, the truth is that the essence of human life is not a body composed of genes or cells, but the soul or the spirit integrating them. When we believe that we are the light reflected from God, we’ll be able to see radioactivity from a totally different perspective.

Master Ryuho Okawa of Happy Science mentioned this issue in the lecture titled “Acts of God and Acts of Man” held in Fukushima city on June 4th. “If some of you think that you are affected by such a thing (radiation) and your body is getting worse, please visualize in your mind that the light of God flows into you; filled with the light you are always brilliantly shiny, protected by the light. ………The light of God is not damaged by what human beings on the earth have made. ………I would like you to believe in that the light of God has power to blow radioactivity off. We should not be confused by Kan Administration or mass media which incite fear of radioactivity.”


(Note 1) It is detailed in Jun Takada’s work “The investigation of radiation-exposed site in the world” (Kodansha Blue Backs).
(Note 2) The cesium radioactivity of the whole body can be measured in 1 minute by the sensing station of the hourglass-shaped gamma ray spectrometer applied to the stomach on clothes. It is the portable whole body counter that Professor Takada developed. This apparatus is the only one in the world that can show the result to the examinees then and there.
(Note 3) A series of investigations was published on July 25th as Jun Takada’s work “The false and the truth in Fukushima” (Medical Science company).
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Fukushima is not a dangerous zone any more
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