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Master Okawa was born on July 7th, 1956 in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from the prestigious University of Tokyo, he joined a Tokyo-based international trading company. While working at the company’s New York headquarters, he studied finance at the Graduate Centre of the City University of New York.

On March 23rd, 1981, Master Okawa started communicating with the Spirit World and attained Great Enlightenment. He awakened to the fact that he is the re
birth of Shakyamuni Buddha and the core conscious ness of El Cantare – the supreme God of the Earth.

Master Okawa overseas in Taiwan.Lecturing overseas in Taiwan.

In 1986, Master Ryuho Okawa renounced a promising career as a businessman and devoted his life to spreading the Truth. He established “Happy Science” (in Japanese “Kofuku-no-Kagaku”), which in 1991 was registered as a religious organization. Since then, Master Okawa has been guiding countless people to happiness, publishing over 800 books, giving over 1,600 public lectures, creating numerous seminars and producing full-featured movies based on his teachings.

In 2009 and 2010 respectively, he laid the foundation for ideal politics and education by establishing the Happiness Realization Party and the Happy Science Academy for manifesting happiness in a tangible way.

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