The Warning for Internet Addiction

Happy Science is a religious group but, at the same time, it is also an institution for people of all ages to learn about personal development. Master Ryuho Okawa advocates the teachings of success at work and happiness in the home in his many books. Not only reading those books, members can also participate in seminars on those themes held at their branch and learn the teachings. There are countless people who practice the teachings and attain success and happiness throughout the world, with their success and happiness leading to the success and prosperity of their countries as a whole.

On this website too, we will gradually present the teachings of Happy Science that can be learnt from Master Okawa’s books and seminars for readers all over the world who seek success and happiness. In this article, we will look at Master Okawa’s teaching, appropriate for modern times, on how you use your time – something that wise people including Benjamin Franklin and Peter F. Drucker unanimously cite as being critical for success. (Below is an extract from Japan’s unshakable prosperity.)

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The Warning for Internet Addiction
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