The Interview with the Subconscious Mind of Newt Gingrich
"A Strong America again"

3     We Want to Suppress China’s Expanding Policy Militarily and Economically

B: China is now growing economically and militarily and China is a big threat to Japanese people and people of other Asian countries. What do you think you will do about China?

G.S.: Now our main concern about China is their expanding policy. They have a great population and they are seeking for energy and more resources, which includes fuels and fossil fuel supplies.
So, we are afraid that in the near future, they will be inclined to intrude other countries, especially Asian countries. So our main concern is where the fighting spot or area or alarming area will be. We must decide that. One point is regarding the Philippines and Vietnam and the other point is Taiwan. Of course, Japan, Okinawa is also another point.

So we must add more military forces in this area.
The main point is the grade of the strategy. It’s just in my mind but we have a great relationship with China in the field of trading. Now America is also in a great recession and the people who lost their jobs are protesting against the Obama government and against their jobless situation. So the economy, on one hand, is very important and we must have some policy regarding economy between China and the United States of America to save the people who don’t have jobs and enough income.
On the contrary, we must assume that China is the next intruding empire state. It might be true.
We are the only superpower of the world. We have responsibility and we must obey the order of the Almighty God or the God of Rightness.
These two problems are difficult to make compatible among some people. But I will remake or rebuild the American economy and we will also have a strong military policy against China. It is a very, very difficult theme, but Black (Barack) Obama cannot take this great challenge.
I am the Savior of America. So you can rely on me. Japanese people will become safer and safer when I become the president of the United States of America. You can sleep well from that time. I am sure.

MC: In your Asian strategy, what do you think we Japanese should do to other Asian areas?

G.S.: You experienced great sufferings last year. However, Japan will survive and its economy will recover soon. I will take such kind of trading policy to promote the recovering of Japanese economy. We will assist you in this direction and we will suppress China’s economy.

4     Stimulating America’s Economy is an Urgent Matter

G.S.: We should make more jobs and employees, so we must supply lot of money to each company and its affiliates and enable them to hire more and more employees. It is an urgent matter that must be done within one or two years. That must be my raison d’être.

A: The unemployment rate in the United States is now more than 8%. So maybe you need to solve this kind of problem. How will you create jobs in the United States?

G.S.: The private sector of the United States must have more power and they themselves can add more money. It is their responsibility and their right to earn money, get profits and create the prosperity of America.
We will just assist them. He (Obama) did too much because of his empty philosophy. He attacked the strong and wealthy people of America and he wanted to lift up the lower- level American people and produce more and more middle-level American people, just like Japan. But I don’t think this is the American dream. The American dream must be based on freedom from government and economic prosperity. He doesn’t understand this point.

I don’t attack the wealthy people of Wall Street like Obama. He doesn’t understand the spirit of capitalism. It’s the main problem because he himself has some kind of envy in him. It’s a hatred for rich white American people.
I’m not so concerned about the difference between rich people and poor people because it comes from the spirit of the starting point of this country.
We are free to become richer and richer, or to become poorer and poorer.
But our main policy is to save the people of the lowest level. They are the same humans, they are not animals, so we must save the lower-level people and bring them up to the fundamental level of happiness or economic stage. That’s all.
We must also abandon the regulations regarding economic prosperity. This is the main point of Republicans and me. Obama doesn’t know about that.

Perhaps you want to discuss the budget deficit, but you don’t need to think too much about that. We can issue a lot of bucks. I mean the green-colored dollars.
We can just print and it will become one dollar, ten dollars and a hundred dollars. We could do this because we are the only superpower of the world.
We have the number one military power. If we wanted to, we can now conquer the entire world. Yes we can. This is the reason we can rely on our fundamental economy.

For example, Japan is a great country and has a strong economy. But if North Korea launched, for example, a nuclear missile, your economic policy and economic status cannot expect a future because you cannot fight against them with your regulations but we can, of course.
And China, we have let them earn a lot because we have kept the policy of a weaker Yuen to let them earn from the United States or other countries.
But it’s time. They must cut their handicap. They must take such kind of attitude as a fair competitor. We are now at the same starting point. From now on, the United States of America, Japan and China, these three great economic countries should be at the same standpoint and compete fairly.
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The Interview with the Subconscious Mind of Newt Gingrich
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