Spiritual Background to the Problems in the Middle East (1)
The conflict between Muhammad and Michael

First I summoned Muhammad from the side under attack. I do not normally speak to him, so it had been a while since we had last talked. I asked him what he thought of Israel attacking the Gaza strip.

In short, Muhammad wanted to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth. He said that he wanted Israel, who was at the root of this conflict, to be obliterated because the fighting would continue as long as it existed. The population of Israel is only a few million and the total number of Jews, including all those scattered around the world, is only about 14 million. Muhammad disapproves of a war dragging on because of such a small country.


As a result of Israel being founded in 1948, many wars have broken out in the Middle East, with the fighting continuing even now. It is originally a difference of gods. They are conflicts born out of a difference in religions, with neither side willing to budge on what is right.

Since Muhammad said he would not forgive Israel, I asked him what had caused this conflict in the first place. I asked who was mounting these attacks now as Israel’s guiding god to which Muhammad replied, “Michael.” He said that it was Michael, Israel’s patron saint, who was fighting and had dragged America in to defend Israel. Although Michael and Muhammad are of a similar level spiritually, they are warring against each other as enemies. (End of quote)

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Spiritual Background to the Problems in the Middle East (1)
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